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Happy Birthday!!! Happy Birthday!!! Happy Birthday!!! A55A04/ A3.nsf/ plinks/ SR...
World Map
[Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!] - [French-Montmartre-Paris] - [Sunday 6th, April 2014]

Online Art Store: Professional Classical Painting, Fine Art Photography, Model Photos, Design Images
Welcome to Aamir Show official web-site ! We are happy to meet you here, on our web-site and we hope you will like to be interested in those pages. Art, Music, Design, Art Photography - it's our world. We are working on Art/ Entertainment over years. Classical style with decoration design is the priority. You can see our art on web. There are painti...
[Andrew Young] - [United States-Artists] - [Friday 4th, April 2014]

Ayten Aliyeva Artist Painter Azerbaijan
I am Ayten Aliyeva..I was born 1987 in Baku , Azerbaijan.. i've been working as an engineer in SOCAR. for 5 years... i am not professional artis but i like to draw World Map
[Ayten Aliyeva ] - [Azerbaijan-Artists] - [Saturday 29th, March 2014]

Mary Carmen Calviño Iglesias España
Mary Carmen Calviño Iglesias, pintora española. Nacida en A Xesta Lalín (PONTEVEDRA)en el año 1938.Pintora de familia de maestros,se traslada a temprana edad a la ciudad de La Coruña, donde realizará sus estudios Artísticos desarrollando en esta ciudad su adtividad pictórica,creó su propio taller en el año 1981,impartiendo clase a numerosos alumnos...
[Mary Carmen Calviño Iglesias ] - [España-Artistas] - [Saturday 22nd, March 2014]

Tonino Dal Re Il Pittore Narratore Italia
L’idea di fare questo sito nasce dal mio desiderio di fare conoscere nel miglior modo possibile la vita e il percorso pittorico di mio padre, Tonino Dal Re, cercando di mettere in evidenza la sua evoluzione artistica tramite i documenti facenti parte di un archivio di cui sono l’unico depositario. Tonino Dal Re ha praticamente dedicato all’Arte 75 ...
[Tonino Dal Re] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Friday 21st, March 2014]

Dragos Alexandru Artist Painter Romania
Name: Dragoş Alexandru Surname: Bădiţă Place of Birth: Horezu,Judeţul Vâlcea,Romania Date of birth: 21.04.1987. Studies: MA, Visual Art,UniversityofArtand Design Cluj BA, Painting,UniversityofArtand Design Cluj High SchoolofMusicand Fine Arts “Constantin Brăiloiu” Tîrgu-Jiu. Experience: 2012: Reality Terror”, group exhibition at DEPO,Istanbul,...
[Dragos Alexandru] - [Romania-Artists] - [Thursday 13th, March 2014]

Yuri Skrinnikov's Artist Painter Georgia
Born in 1960 in Tbilisi, Georgia. I come from the famous back in USSR artists' family. In 1985 graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Participant of many different exhibitions. Watercolor art teacher with a big experience. My pictures are in Georgian Museum funds, Georgian International Airport, in private collections of Baroness Elizabeth S...
[Yuri Skrinnikov] - [Georgia-Artists] - [Tuesday 11th, March 2014]

Walls and ceiling painting by Kovalevskaya Helen Russian
Wall painting The artist Elena Kovalevskaya presents the site of the author's painting. *Welcome, dear guests of my page! Here you may view my wall paintings. As well you will see the ceiling painting, alfray (a fresco, a secco) painting, frescoes, landscapes, artifice imitation (trompe-l'њil) and many other things. I make drawings for parquetry, s...
[Helen Kovalevskaya] - [Russia-Artists] - [Sunday 9th, March 2014]

Mixed Media Digitally Created Art
On a simple denominator, one can call the images of Clemens Niewoehner as digital collages or compositions. Mixed Media - Digitally Created way Clemens Niewöhner names its DigitalART, is a formation of contemporary art, both traditional as well as digital technologies and media uses. From scanned hand drawing and painting, from photography, graphic...
[Clemens Niewoehner] - [Germany-Künstler] - [Friday 7th, March 2014]

Anna Zygmunt Artist Painter Netherlands
I was born in Sosnowiec 1976, Poland. My artistic career has begun at the National School of Fine Arts in Katowice 1991-1996 (Poland) where I obtained qualifications in Sculpture (the title of Visual Artist). I studied painting, drawing, sculpture, lettering and calligraphy, designing, history of art and history of philosophy among other art relate...
[Anna Zygmunt ] - [Netherlands-Artiesten] - [Wednesday 5th, March 2014]

Banners Directory José Galvan Montmartre Paris French
Video of Lidia Koifman Anuario Mundial del artista José Galván. Posibilidad de incluir enlaces, diferentes idiomas y contenido muy interesante. EXCHANGES BANNERS LINKS FREE LA BUTTE MONTMARTRE PARIS FRENCH Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the International Directory of Arts website. If you wish, you may add your link...
[webmaster-montmartre] - [Banners-Directory-World-Arts] - [Wednesday 26th, February 2014]

This Fanpage is dedicated to the popular Polish singer Anna German (1936-1982)
https:/ / pages/ Anna-German/ 32...
Our beloved singer Anna German Anna German - Anna Victoria German (February 14, 1936, Tashkent, Uzbek SSR, Soviet Union - August 26, 1982, Warsaw, Poland) - Polish singer and songwriter, star of stage and opera 1960s - early 1980s, known as the singer of pop songs in the language of different nations of the world, primarily in the Polish and Russia...
[Anna German] - [Poland-Artists] - [Monday 24th, February 2014]

Suray Akmuradova Artist Painter Turkmenistan
Was bom un1959 inGokjevillageofWekilbazarprovinceofMaruvelauat.She graduated from Turkmen State School of Faine Arts in 1981. In 1967,she graduated form Sankt-Peterzburg State Academy of Fain Arts named I.E.Repin. 1987-190 she was a teacher at Turkmen State School of Fain Arts. In 1990 she decame a member of she Uniuon for Artists of Turkmenistan. ...
[Suray Akmuradova] - [Turkmenistan-Artits] - [Saturday 8th, February 2014]

Anna German - Prawdziwa historia - film biograficzny - cały film dokumentalny josegalvan#!anna-german-new-b...
Anna German - Anna Victoria German (February 14, 1936, Tashkent, Uzbek SSR, Soviet Union - August 26, 1982, Warsaw, Poland) - Polish singer and songwriter, star of stage and opera 1960s - early 1980s, known as the singer of pop songs in the language of different nations of the world, primarily in the Polish and Russian. She has performed in the U.S...
[Anna German ] - [Poland-Artists] - [Saturday 1st, February 2014]

Олег Шупляк (Oleg Shupliak) Artist Painter Ukraine
Oleg Shuplyak - Self portrait Hidden inside these remarkable oil paintings by artist Oleg Shuplyak lies a second layer of mind-blowing optical illusions. Behind carefully placed objects, characters, colouring and shadows, the Ukrainian painter has cleverly concealed a second image. Blurring famous figures from art and culture with landscapes the in...
[Олег Шупляк (Oleg Shupliak) ] - [Ukraine-Artists] - [Monday 27th, January 2014]

Lidia Koifman Macrame Israel leon/ makrame.html
Lidia Koifman Macrame Israel World Map
[Lidia Koifman] - [Israel-Artists] - [Thursday 23rd, January 2014]

Margareta Pentelescu ( Margret) Artist Painter Romania
Margareta Pentelescu ( Margret) M-am nascut la 27 septembrie 1955, in Bistrita, Jud.Bistrita Nasaud ,Romania. De mic copil mi-am dorit sa pictez. Imprejurari favorabile s-au ivit deabea in octombrie 2012, cand, am inceput sa pictez, urmad Scoala de Arte, Cluj -Napoca, sectia Pictura, Romania. Expozitii cu picturi realizate de subsemnata , organizat...
[Margareta Pentelescu ] - [Romania-Artists] - [Tuesday 21st, January 2014]

Anna German (1936 - 1982) Webmaster Lidia Koifman artgallery#!untitled/ cw2v
Order Honoru Anny German. ОРДЕН ЧЕСТИ АННЫ ГЕРМАН. Zamówienie of Honor . ОРДЕН ЧЕСТИ АННЫ ГЕРМАН Президиум Совета по общественным наградам Российской Федерации наградил посмертно известную певицу Анну Герман орденом Чести I степени. Его планируется вручить её супругу и сыну 14 февраля - в день рождения «белого ангела польской песни». - При рассмотр...
[Webiste Lidia Koifman] - [Poland-Artists] - [Sunday 19th, January 2014]

Oil paintings by Edward Tabachnik
Edward Tabachnik -Biography and Education Born October 1936 in Russia. 1955 - Graduated from St. Petersburg (Leningrad) School of Arts at the Academy of Arts and Architecture. 1961 - Graduated from The Academy of Arts and Architecture. Degree Artist-Architect. St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and Architecture - one of the world leading Art Schools. I...
[Edward Tabachnik] - [Canada-Artists] - [Monday 13th, January 2014]

Panduru Ion Artist Painter Romania
Ion Panduru was born in the month of April and the year of1948 inSimian,Mehedinti,Romania He studied painting with Ion Taralunga. Work in personal collections: Bulgaria,Poland,Germany,Italy,France, Holland,Canada,USA,Switzerland,Mozambique. Personal expositions: 1991-Bucharest,Romania 1992-Agrigento,Italy 1994-Bamberg,Germany 1994-Bucharest,Romania...
[Panduru Ion ] - [Romania-Artists] - [Sunday 12th, January 2014]

Irina Zagovorcheva Artist Painter Russian irinazagovorcheva
Родилась в Москве. Закончила МПГУ им. В.И. Ленина / художественно -графический факультет/ , аспирантуру по кафедре истории художественной и мировой культуры, МПГУ им. В.И. Ленина. Преподавателями были известные российские художники, профессора: Максимов К.М., Игошев В.А., Назарук В.М. 70 персональных выставок. Персональные выставки: 1994 - Галерея “О...
[Irina Zagovorcheva ] - [Russia-Artists] - [Monday 6th, January 2014]

Priapo Longoni Digital Art Italia
Sono nato a Roma, dove risiedo. Non sono un pittore, ma realizzo le mie opere con il computer utilizzando vari programmi digitali. Il mio nick name è Frank Carpent. World Map
[Priapo Longoni ] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Friday 3rd, January 2014]

Jérôme "Art Man" Choco Artist Painter Philippines
Jérôme " Art Man" Choco World Map
[ Jérôme "Art Man" Choco] - [Philippines-Artists] - [Thursday 2nd, January 2014]

Siniša Lazarevic Artist Painter Serbia
galerija Kliničkog centra Srbije - 011 361-7777 lok: 3257. galeriste Sekulic Cakana tél: 063349-670 galerista je Sekulić Cakana tel: 063 349-670 Galerie Etude Internaconal Zanatlijska bb Arandjelovac, certains à l'étranger, dans le monastère de Sainte-Anastasie en Arizona (l'icône de Sainte-Anastasie-présent), Canada-Londres (Saint-Basile), France-...
[Siniša Lazarevic ] - [Serbia-Artists] - [Tuesday 17th, December 2013]

Preliminary Data OF THE "VICTORIA 2014" Anna German A55A04/ Adtel.nsf/ plinks/ SRVV-9E...
Wstępnych danych "VICTORIA 2014" 4 do 05 października 2014! Odwiedź Księgi III edycji "Victoria 2014" DO ZOBACZENIA ZA ROK! PRELIMINARY DATA OF THE "VICTORIA 2014" 4 to 5 October 2014! Visit the BOOK THE III EDITION "VICTORIA 2014" SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! Примерная дата конкурса "VICTORIA 2014" - с 4 до 5 октября 2014 года. Будем очень рады вам на новом...
[Vocal Studio Ludmila Piechowska ] - [Poland-Artists] - [Saturday 9th, November 2013]

Graciela Marechal. Artista de Formosa, Argentina
Graciela es una Artista argentina que pinta con pasión paisajes de su tierra natal. Arte al día Documenta Pintora Argentina, dedicada en sus obras especialmente al paisaje, en el que a menudo se yerguen árboles gráciles, a veces disponiendo un par de telas para que formen un díptico de efectos estéticos delicados y también elocuentes, otras veces p...
[Graciela Marechal] - [Argentina-Artistas] - [Friday 8th, November 2013]

Feliciano Sayson Dumangas Artist Philippinnes
My name is Feliciano Sayson Dumangas, I'm 16 years of age. I am from Philippines. 14 марта 1997 LNHS' The One and Only Pencil Artist. I just want to be one of the famous pencil artists from the Philippines. "Since I was 5 years old, I wonder how to make a simple "Star" drawing. When I went to school, my teacher Draw a star and I realize how amazing...
[Feliciano Sayson Dumangas] - [Philippines-Artists] - [Monday 4th, November 2013]

Daniel Williams Artist Painter England
Dan Williams Is an Award winning Artist working on the South coast of the United Kindom, From Oil Portraits To 3D Illusions Dan is a very versatile Artist. Dan is self taught and his obsessive attention to detail has set his reputation as one of the best portrait Artist on the South Coast. Dan is also a talented Musician and Songwriter playing freq...
[Daniel Williams] - [England-Artists] - [Sunday 3rd, November 2013]

Михаил Пугачев Artist Painter Russia 0.html
В детстве я всегда с неописуемым восторгом смотрел на карандаши и краски, но что с этим можно делать не представлял. Так и дожил до 20 лет не умея держать кисть в руках, страшно завидовал умеющим это делать. Случайно прочитал книгу про всем известного художника, бывшего торговца картинами, и понял, что я совсем не стар и еще можно научиться. В инст...
[Михаил Пугачев ] - [Russia-Artists] - [Wednesday 23rd, October 2013]

Zbigniew Roth Autorem, Kompozytorem, Poeta Poland
Zbigniew Roth, jest autorem, kompozytorem, poetą o długoletnim 56 - letnim stażu autorskim, od 2007 r - Członek Polish American Poets Academy z siedzibą w Nowym Jorku USA, od 2009 - Członek Honorowy Grupy Literacko-Dramatycznej im. Przerwy - Tetmajera w Chicago USA, od 2012 r - Członek Honorowy Koła 83 Podczerwone w Chicago USA, od 2013 r - Członki...
[Zbigniew Roth] - [Poland-Artists] - [Monday 14th, October 2013]

Bob Ivens Artist Painter Hungary
Bob Ivens got lessons in publicity at the Academy of arts in Antwerp. At the age of 22 he became independent, publicity and screen printing. After a stay of about two months at the Himalaya he sold his business and bought a barge that he rebuilded into a house-boat where artists could exhibit their works of art. Here he felt like painting again. At...
[Bob Ivens ] - [Hungary-Artists] - [Monday 7th, October 2013]

Robin Wagenvoort Fotografisch Vormgever Netherlands
Robin Wagenvoort was born at the 8th of november 1986 in Hengelo in the Netherlands. His parents gave him the birth name: Robert Martin Albert Wagenvoort. Robin comes from a very musical family, father Rob is a classical clarinettist who did his music education at the Conservatory in Enschede in the Netherlands and mother Ine started her singing ca...
[Robin Wagenvoort] - [Netherlands-Artiesten] - [Saturday 28th, September 2013]

Mario Costan Binongo Artist Painter Philippines
Mario Costan Binongo, 23, from Manila, Philippines. A Filipino artist doing ramdom portraits using charcoal and pastels. Started drawing since elementary days. Graduated at the University of Makati with a degree of Associate in Computer Technology. World Map
[Mario Costan Binongo] - [Philippines-Artists] - [Monday 23rd, September 2013]

Amjad Halabinejad Artist Painter Iran
Iran ... Khuzestan ... Abadan ... Sarbandar 32 years old Professor, Institute of artistic Expertise in the design face World Map
[Amjad Halabinejad ] - [Iran-Artists] - [Wednesday 18th, September 2013]

Hari Willy Artist Painter Indonesia
I was born in Surabaya, Indonesia. I really love drawing since I was kid. At first I like to draw anything about architecture or interior design . I was Law Faculty graduated at Brawijaya University Malang Indonesia in 1990. Now I work for Indonesia Government. For now, drawing is my second job. I do it everyday at night. World Map
[Hari Willy] - [Indonesia-Artists] - [Tuesday 3rd, September 2013]

Pastel Fine Art by Eric Jean Pouillet Holland
Eric Pouillet est né dans le nord de la France, en juillet 1969 à Saint-Omer, ville moyenne et sous-préfecture (Pas-de-Calais). Après des études techniques dans le dessin industriel, il se destine naturellement pour une carrière d'architecte. Le ciel de ses ambitions s'assombrissant, il décide de tenter sa chance vers le grand large et s'engage dan...
[eric jean Pouillet] - [Holland-Artists] - [Friday 30th, August 2013]

Andreanus Gunawan Artist Painter Indonesia
Andreanus Gunawan was born in Surabaya , Indonesia in December 13 , 1953 . Andreanus Gunawan since childhood I've liked drawing , when in highschool I worked in cinema ad for newspaper , I drew with pen and black ink on paper , and since then I started to make a great poster for movie theaters on fabrick with acrylic wall paint , from the small siz...
[Andreanus Gunawan] - [Indonesia-Artists] - [Tuesday 20th, August 2013]

Creative art studio of Vitaly Stroynov Russia
Stroynov Vitaly Vadimovich was born at 25.08.1962 in city of Buzuluk of Orenburg region, Russia. He graduated from the Institute of Civil Engineering as a civil engineer. At present time he is freelance artist. He lives in city of Penza. He is an amateur artist. Since childhood, he loved and understood the nature and learned painting from nature, a...
[Vitaly Stroynov] - [Russia-Artists] - [Friday 16th, August 2013]

Kounalis Konstantinos Art Greece
I was born in 1968 and grew up in Crete. Graduate Athens School of Fine Arts in Visual Arts section of the painting workshop Chronis Botsoglou and Lazongas C., while Bachelor of Art Education. Also attended the workshops: Printmaking (woodcut), Photography and Multimedia. I was in Paris with the Erasmus in University Paris 8 and coursework as Chine...
[Kounalis Konstantinos] - [Greece-Artists] - [Tuesday 13th, August 2013]

Ludmiła Piechowska Artist Poland ludmilapiechowska
Vocal Studio Ludmila Piechowska founded in 2009 in Warsaw. target Preparing for university music, art, acting and other related correct, clear speaking. Vocal Studio - platform gives you the opportunity to participate in contests and festivals, and concerts organized for various occasions, such as Christmas meetings or concerts in memory of well-kn...
[Ludmiła Piechowska] - [Poland-Artists] - [Wednesday 7th, August 2013]

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