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Olga's Jewelry United States
josegalvan.artscad.com/ A55A04/ A3.nsf/ plinks/ SR...
Olga Dillow People that create Magic are called Magicians. And I wanted to become one. I learned by looking at pictures, reading books, corresponding with the real Magicians. Soon I discovered that I can design and that my jewelry attracts not just potential buyers, but also show sponsors and magazine editors. So I entered several International con...
[Olga Dillow] - [United States-Artists] - [Wednesday 24th, October 2012]

Cliff Warner Artist Painter
Cliff Warner Artist Painter born England 1961 1981-1984 BA Fine Art Hons painting Liverpool Polytechnic now called Liverpool John Moores University UK 1980-81 Art Foundation North Staffordshire Polytechnic UK the initial use of the figure as the prime subject for my artwork began from academic life drawing sessions at my local art college. over...
[Cliff Warner ] - [England-Artists] - [Wednesday 17th, October 2012]

Irina Passeggio Artist Painter Italia
https:/ / www.facebook.com/ celentano.irina
Irina Passeggio Родилась 19 марта 1968 года в городе Усолье-Сибирское иркутской области.Закончила в г.майкопе Краснодарского края педагогическое училище ,художественнографическое отделение,неоконченное высшее Кубанский гос университет.Работала преподователем в школе(пять лет занятий парашютным спортом.более 600 прыжков)))Замужем,имею 20ти летнего с...
[Irina Passeggio ] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Friday 12th, October 2012]

Drago Marelja Art Gallery Croatia
ROĐEN sub 09.14 1961 Godine polukružno MJESTU Potočani Općina Te&scaron anj .... KAO ČETVRTO OD SEDMERO DJECE ..... PO ZANIMANJU sub BIO POLICAJAC SADA sub .... U MIROVINI UMJETNIČKI MENTOR MI JE BIO Ivana Lackovića Croate ENGLISH ... NAIVNI SLIKAR .... SLIKARSTVOM SE BAVIM OD 1983 Godine SAMOUKI .... sub .... SLIKAR slikam cijeloga TEHNIKAMA ULJA ...
[Drago Marelja] - [Croatia-Artists] - [Saturday 6th, October 2012]

Surikova Evgeniya Artist Painter Ukraine
SURIKOVA EVGENIYA. UKRAINA.KIEV She was born in 1959 in Kiev and live in Kiev, graduated KISR, worked as an architect, in parallel - painting. By vocation artist. She likes to paint local landscapes. He likes to play classical piano, to sing. World Map
[Surikova Evgeniya] - [Ukraine-Artists] - [Wednesday 26th, September 2012]

Yuri kliapko Artist Painter Ukraine
Yuri kliapko Artist Painter Ukraine Родился 14 декабря 1958 года в г. Рокитное, Ровенской области на Украине. После учебы работал в жанре декоративно-прикладного искусства. Паралельно усовершенствовал академический рисунок и живопись. Участвовал в различных выставках. Основным моим занятием сейчас является портретная и пейзажная живопись, иконопись...
[Yuri kliapko ] - [Ukraine-artists] - [Tuesday 25th, September 2012]

Vadim Goryanskiy Artist Painter Ukraine
Vadim Goryanskiy Artist Painter Ukraine Горянський Вадим Викторович Горянський Вадим Викторович, родился 17 октября 1986 года в городе Богуславе, Киевской области. После окончания школы продолжил обучение в Богулсавском гуманитарном колледже им. И. С. Нечуя-Левицкого на творческо-педагогическом факультете по специальности педагог, дизайнер. Уже в д...
[Vadim Goryanskiy] - [Ukraine-Artists] - [Friday 21st, September 2012]

Marisha V Zaitseva Artist Painter Russia
makrame3.narod.ru/ MarishaVZaitseva.html
Marisha V Zaitseva #ARTS #MONTMARTRE #PARIS #FRENCH Marisha V Zaitseva Artist Painter Russia https:/ / t.co/ vt27hajTdX https:/ / t.co/ vt27hajTdX pic.twitter.com/ 8AGmvNRxdf - Montmartre (@ArtMontmartre) 3 juin 2018 World Map
[Marisha V Zaitseva] - [Russia-Artists] - [Sunday 16th, September 2012]

Портреты, живопись, графика - художник Павел Голик
Golik Pavel Golik Paul V. was born in 1956 inEvpatoria in Ukraine. 1974-1978 study in absentia national University. Krupskaya at the Department of Fine Arts is Moscow. 1980-1985 studied at the Kharkiv State Academy of Arts and Design. 1985-1997 he worked in the Crimean art - the production plant for specialty interior design. Since 1997 works as a ...
[Golik Pavel] - [Ukraine-Artists] - [Friday 7th, September 2012]

Angelica Artemenko Artist Painter Ukraine
makrame3.narod.ru/ A_Artemenko.html
Angelica Artemenko Анжелика Артеменко Angelica Artemenko lives in Donetsk (Ukraine). For about four years, she is developing the icons in their own technology. She graduated from the College of Technology Kramatorsky specialty artist-designer-constructor. As well at school she studied at art school. Since childhood, she loved to draw. First tried t...
[Angelica Artemenko ] - [Ukraine-Artists] - [Sunday 2nd, September 2012]

Anahit Klyan Artist Painter Estonia
makrame3.narod.ru/ macrame/ AnahitKlyan.html
Анаит Клян (Род. в 1940) Она является членом Международного союза художников в Эстонии.Она работала в художественной школе Якобсони 13-Таллинн,а также в Эндла-16 Art Design Studio.Классический жанр является основным способом ее технике рисование.Ее проводимых культурных мероприятиях и выстовках всегда присутствовали восторг и высокая оценка со стор...
[Anahit Klyan] - [Estonia-Artists] - [Friday 31st, August 2012]

Monique Jarry's Art Gallery Canada
Monique Jarry INTRODUCTION TO THE BIOGRAPHY AND CV OF MONIQUE JARRY I undertake this work by providing you with a quote written by hand by Monique from a letter to a friend: &bull “... (I do not just want you to understand me, me and my behaviour - I’d like you to “see” the movement of my characters (lines, dots, ...) of my story. Why?... It is a ...
[Monique Jarry] - [Canada-Artists] - [Sunday 5th, August 2012]

Galeria de Silvana Violante Portugal
Silvana Violante Silvana Violante nasce em Vittoria, Itália, a 2 de Abril de 1961, onde vive até tirar a licenciatura de professora de ensino básico e estenodactilografia. A sua inspiração artística deve-se a influencia do pai, Violante Gaspare, Maestro de Arte da Academia Internacional de Roma e do qual recebe os primeiro ensinamentos do desenho e...
[Silvana Violante] - [Portugal-Artistas] - [Tuesday 31st, July 2012]

LuSt 4 ART by Lucie Stastkova, Künstlerin, Malerin, Inovative Technik
artscad.com/ @/ LucieStastkova
President of the Foundation : Countess Petra Kresinova Vise President: H.E. Countess Lucie Stastkova support this work please Die Ausnahmekünstlerin Lucie Stastkova geboren und aufgewachsen in Prag, der Goldenen Stadt in der Tschechischen Republik als Tochter der berühmten Porzellanpuppenmacherin Anna Slesinger, lebt und arbeitet seit 1981 in Deuts...
[LuSt 4 ART by Lucie Stastkova] - [Germany-Künstler] - [Friday 29th, June 2012]

Ayl Rose Artist Painter Poland
Welcome to the "Labyrith of Roses", Ayl Rose's website! This is my little place where I share my ideas and dreams about Art. In the galleries you can find traditional works such as paintings and drawings, digital ones as well, photos and some of my poems and notes (some of them are in Italian language). My inspiration comes from gothic, dark, victo...
[Ayl Rose ] - [Poland-Artists] - [Sunday 24th, June 2012]

Savina Olga Artist Painter Israel
makrame3.narod.ru/ macrame/ OLGA_SAVINA.html
Savina Olga ольга савина(юровская) тверия, Израиль I was born and lived 40 years in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. She studied at the Art College, then taught painting, drawing, composition in art school 18 years. I live in Israel since 1999 in his work g.Ispolzuyu watercolor, acrylic and oil. I am writing to landscapes, still lifes and portraits. I am wri...
[Savina Olga] - [Israel-Artists] - [Monday 7th, May 2012]

Inazio Urrutia Artista España
Inazio Urrutia Text about INAZIO URRUTIA.doc Inazio Urrutia was born in Bilbao(Vizcaya). He undertook his studies in architecture, construction engineering and building quality surveillance in several Spanish major cities. After completing his studies, he continued to improve and develop his knowledge in these fields -some in an individual manner a...
[Inazio Urrutia ] - [España-Artistas] - [Sunday 6th, May 2012]

Anna Meloni Artisti Macrame Italia
makrame3.narod.ru/ macrame/ AnaMELONI.htm
Anna Meloni Mi chiamo Anna Meloni, da qualche tempo mi interesso di chiacchierino sperimentale utilizzando filati, forme e tecniche diverse per eseguirlo. Questo sito è dedicato a chi vuole imparare, scambiare idee o acquistare i miei libri su queste tecniche. Sono interessata inoltre, a conoscere appassionate di chiacchierino sia esperte che princ...
[Anna Meloni] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Wednesday 25th, April 2012]

Tanja Henn Artist Painter Netherlands
https:/ / www.facebook.com/ tanja.henn1
Tanja Henn CV- Art.doc I am born in november 1963 inWuppertal,Germany. After the Gymnasium I travelled throughEurope. 1989 I settled inAmsterdam, The Netherlands. I am an autodidact. My early work are Fotocollages. In the period from 1982 till 1993 about a hunderd different Fotocollages were designed.The Fotocollage was for her the best medium to r...
[Tanja Henn] - [Netherlands-Artiesten] - [Tuesday 24th, April 2012]

Céu Franco Artista Plástica Portugal
Maria do Céu Franco Francisco Nascida a 25/ 05/ 1970 em Azueira, Mafra, reside atualmente em Lisboa, Portugal O seu atelier fica na Rua Gonçalves Crespo, 11, R/ C-Fte 1150-182 Lisboa Frequentou o curso de Física da Faculdade de Ciências de Universidade de Lisboa. Tem o curso de Pintura da Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes de Lisboa. Fez um Workshop de...
[Maria do Céu Franco Francisco] - [Portugal-Artistas] - [Monday 23rd, April 2012]

Chieko Sophia Takahashi Macrame Japan
makrame3.narod.ru/ macrame/ SOPHIA.html
Chieko Sophia Takahashi 自作の彫金パーツや天然石ビーズなどをあしらった、 マクラメ、レザーブレーディングのオリジナル・アクセサリーのアトリエ「officina Magister」をやっています。 ちなみにアトリエの名前の意味はラテン語で「親方の作業場」。 名前の通り肩肘張らず、気さくな作品を発表できればと思っています。 また、オリジナルのものだけでなく、 「こう言う風なものが欲しい」 「あまったビーズやパーツがあるけれど、それを使って何かできないか?」 そういうニーズにもお答えしております。 お客様のご要望に、出来るだけ沿える様に努力させていただきますので、 お気軽にご相談くださいませ。 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* 福岡県北九州市内にある、ママに優しいサロン『...
[Chieko Sophia Takahashi] - [Japan-Artists] - [Saturday 21st, April 2012]

Портретная живопись Дедык Якова. Russia
Yakov Dedyk ' sPortrait Painting Добро пожаловать на мой официальный сайт, на страницах которого представлены мои авторские работы портретного жанра, а также картины маслом на холсте и композиции. Для удобства страницы разделены по жанрам: женский портрет, мужской портрет, портреты детей, видео рисования портретов с натуры и по фотографиям, портрет...
[Yakov Dedyk] - [Russia-Artists] - [Thursday 12th, April 2012]

Macramè Patrizia Paris Italia
makrame3.narod.ru/ macrame/ MacramePatriziaParis1....
Patrizia Paris Ciao, io sono Patrizia e abito in un paesino del Trentino in una casa in mezzo alla natura che amo tantissimo. Insegnante da sempre, da alcuni anni ho scoperto il Macramè ed il Margarete e me ne sono letteralmente innamorata. Ho praticamente lasciato tutto il resto per dedicarmici totalmente. Adoro lavorare con le mani, lasciare libe...
[Macramè Patrizia Paris] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Thursday 12th, April 2012]

Rita HC Huang Hong Kong
makrame3.narod.ru/ macrame/ RitaHCHuang.htm
Rita HC Huang 擁有3子的我,在家務之餘找尋我人生的樂趣。當初只為了幫幼稚園弄些紀念品給嘉賓;怎知就這樣一路發展到現在。很多事務都在無援的情況下自己摸索出來,所以我付出比別人更多的時間和精力,雖力求完美卻未臻完美。。。 我的專頁 #ARTS #MONTMARTRE #PARIS #FRENCH Rita HC Huang Macrame Hong Kong China https:/ / t.co/ NYHo2V4wS8 https:/ / t.co/ NYHo2V4wS8 pic.twitter.com/ 25JCIVZVpR - Montmartre (@ArtMontmartre) 18 novembre 2017 World Map
[Rita HC Huang] - [China-Artists] - [Monday 9th, April 2012]

Lindsey Philpott is "The Knot Guy" California
makrame3.narod.ru/ macrame/ Lindsey.html
Lindsey Philpott Lindsey is one of the original founders and current president of the Pacific Americas Branch of the International Guild of Knot Tyers. The International Guild of Knot Tyers , IGKT for short, is a craft group with an interest in every aspect of knots and knotting. This organization was founded in 1982 with the declared objective of ...
[Lindsey Philpott ] - [United States-Artists] - [Monday 9th, April 2012]

Stella d'Oriente Italia
makrame3.narod.ru/ macrame/ AnnaAngioni.htm
Anna Angioni Sin da ragazzina ho avuto la passione per tutto cio` che é artigianale. All'eta` di 12 anni gia` cucivo i vestiti per me e per le mie sorelle piu` piccole. Alcuni anni fa mi sono appassionata al Decoupage,al Patchwork e ai gioielli di bigiotteria. Un anno fa ho scoperto il Macramé e da allora non mi sono piu` fermata. Video Lidia Koifm...
[Anna Angioni] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Saturday 7th, April 2012]

Benaissa Cherifi Abdelhadi Artist Macramé Algeria
makrame3.narod.ru/ macrame/ Benaissa11.html
Benaissa Cherifi Abdelhadi #ARTS #MONTMARTRE #PARIS #FRENCH Benaissa Cherifi Abdelhadi Artist Macramé Algeria https:/ / t.co/ wqUe225Yu8 https:/ / t.co/ wqUe225Yu8 pic.twitter.com/ f0rPrREVdA - Montmartre (@ArtMontmartre) August 14, 2019
[Benaissa Cherifi Abdelhadi] - [Algeria-Artists] - [Saturday 7th, April 2012]

Unique Works of the Natural Amber Ukraine
Unique works of the natural amber! Order portraits of the natural amber! For you, we can perform Your favorite image in Amber! Amber is a stone-colored honey, carrying with it heat from the sun, which felt the touch, it is called resin ages, solar stone, congealed clot of the sun, tears of the daughters of the sun, which bestowed an enviable share ...
[Valeriy Kravchuk] - [Ukraine-Gallery] - [Tuesday 27th, March 2012]

Quadri Vincent Pelonero Pittore Italia
Il pittore Vincent PELONERO è nato a la Tronche 1962 .vicino a Grenoble provincia isere Francia ,Figlio di Antonio PELONERO un artigiano artista nel suo mestiere restauri edilizia emigrato nel 1958 .Alla fine degli Anni 90 Vincent inizia la sua carriera di artigiano restauri e pittura .Il riconoscimento delle sue molteplici qualità delle suo lavoro...
[Vincent Pelonero ] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Sunday 25th, March 2012]

Knotting.Home China
中國繩結 藝術的源流 《易繫辭》上說 :「上古結繩而治。」漢鄭玄周易注稱:「大事大結其繩,小事小結其繩。」可見,在文字未發明之前,人已用繩來記錄事情。繩結也就是文字的前身,表現了生民對事物最原始、最忠實的印象。難怪乎老子後來也感嘆地希望恢復以前結繩記事的純樸年代。 根據河南安陽縣發掘出來的石刻像上的髮飾,可知繩結發展最遲至西周時代,已由代表符號應用到日 常生活上。日常所見如轎子、窗簾、劍飾、扇墜、衣著、帳、香包、書畫掛軸等等,均有編織美觀的裝 飾結子,有些更有吉祥的含意。因著繩結的廣泛運用,繩藝的技術亦愈加精細。到了清代,更可說已達爐 火純青的境地,式樣多變,且各有名目,蘊含不同意思,這時,繩結可說已成為一種藝術品。可是,隨著 清末民初西方觀念和科學技術的大量東來,我國原有的社會形態及生活...
[Knotting.Home] - [China-Gallery] - [Thursday 22nd, March 2012]

Accesorios Beteil Macramé Chile
makrame3.narod.ru/ macrame/ beteil.html
Venta de joyas con técnica de macrame Diseños exclusivos de Collares,Aros, Anillos,Pulseras, Pinches, etc. hechos a mano solo con elementos naturales. Estamos en Concepción, y hacemos envíos a regiones )!! 100% Hand-made jewelry using the ancient technique of macrame, together with semi-precious stones, natural seeds and different types of wood an...
[Ignacio Saelzer] - [Chili-Artistas] - [Thursday 22nd, March 2012]

Art Gallery Jam Ukraine
Контакты Art Galleri Jam Адрес: Украина, Киев Телефоны: +38066 745 54 24 , +38067 793 48 30 E-mail: artjam2012@gmail.com Мир прекрасного для Вас ! World Map
[Swety Kis] - [Ukraine-Gallery] - [Tuesday 13th, March 2012]

Vera Laake-Gallery Germany
Mein Name ist Vera Laake. Erst im Alter von 32 Jahren entdeckte ich meinen Hang zur Malerei. Von der Stadt aufs Land gezogen mitten in der schönen Natur lebend begann ich mir diese auf Leinwänden festzuhalten. Ich sammelte weiterhin Erfahrungen darin in den unterschiedlichsten Kunstformen, Maltechniken und Malkursen. Die Fotografie beschäftigtemich...
[Vera Laake] - [Germany-Gallery] - [Monday 12th, March 2012]

Liubka Kirilova - Sculptor Bulgaria
Liubka Kirilova Liubka Kirilova was born on 15th June 1946 inthe Bulgarian capital Sofiawhere she lives and works. She has graduated from the Academyof Arts, specialty Sculpture in the class of prof.Velichko Minekov in 1979. She is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and works in the area of monumental sculpture, portrait and small sculpture...
[Liubka Kirilova] - [Bulgaria-Artists] - [Sunday 11th, March 2012]

Carlo Mirabasso Pittore Painter Italia
www.carlomirabasso.it/ index.htm
Carlo Mirabasso nasce a Tivoli (RM), nel 1959. Nel 1979 si diploma presso il Liceo Artistico Ripetta di Roma. Tra gli anni Ottanta e Novanta oltre alla pittura opera nel campo della grafica pubblicitaria e dell'illustrazione collaborando con numerose agenzie pubblicitarie, case editrici e case discografiche, fra le quali: Edizioni Ricordi, Mondador...
[Mirabasso] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Sunday 4th, March 2012]

Arkady Zrazhevsky Artist Painter Russia
zrazhevsky.krasno.ru/ index.htm
Arkady Zrazhevsky Artist Painter Russia Aркадий Зражевский Родился в 1962 году. Окончил Московский Государственный Университет культуры и искусств (1988) Член Творческого союза художников России (1993) Член Международного художественного фонда (2002) Заслуженный работник культуры (2002) Основные персональные выставки в Москве: Центральный дом худож...
[Arkady Zrazhevsky] - [Russia-Artists] - [Saturday 3rd, March 2012]

Füsun Nameci Artist Istanbul Turkey
makrame3.narod.ru/ macrame/ FusunNAMECI.htm
Füsun Nameci Fusun Nameci is a Jewelry Designer out of Turkey. She was born inIstanbul, where she has been teaching jewelry design professionally since 2000. She has been on many TV programs about jewelry design. She has gone to many exhibition fairs and received an Honor Award from the the Mayor of Istanbul in 2006. Fusun had opened her first pers...
[Füsun Nameci] - [Turkey-Artists] - [Thursday 23rd, February 2012]

Orlando Arias Morales Artista España
Orlando Arias Morales Nace en Potosí- Bolivia el 23 de diciembre de 1954, es el tercero de siete hermanos, hijo de Constantino Arias Toro y de Maritza Morales Mosquera. desde muy pequeño su familia se traslada a la ciudad de Cochabamba donde estudió en el Colegio San Agustín de Cochabamba, luego ingresa a la Universidad Técnicade Oruro “UTO” en la ...
[Orlando Arias Morales] - [España-Artistas] - [Saturday 11th, February 2012]

Maria Kravchuk Artist Ukraine
makrame3.narod.ru/ macrame/ Maria/ Maria.html
Maria Kravchuk #ARTS #MONTMARTRE #PARIS #FRENCH Maria Kravchuk Artist Ukraine t.co/ bYdJBiv3xN t.co/ bYdJBiv3xN pic.twitter.com/ nmSE3NCNzR - Montmartre (@ArtMontmartre) 1 Septembre 2015 моя творчість - плетіння житнім стеблом.Заслужений майстер народної творчості. WELCOME Exchange Link Free-Gratuit t.co/ 7PDPEosmhs International h...
[Maria Kravchuk] - [Ukraine-Artists] - [Friday 10th, February 2012]

Svetlana Kislyachenko, Kiev, Ukraine
Painting a professional artist Svetlana Kislyachenko , Kiev, Ukraine. The style of my paintings - surrealism and romanticism. The pictures are in the gallery " JAM " ( Kiev ) and private collections. Живопись Светланы Кисляченко. Откуда? Кто мы? И какая сила Нам дух В темницу тела Заключила Нам, очертив пределы Бытия&hellip ? Мы живем на планете Зе...
[Svetlana Kislyachenko] - [Ukraine-Artists] - [Thursday 9th, February 2012]

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