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Phil Slattery Artist Painter Texas United States
Phil Slattery I have had an interest in visual art for many years. About two years ago however, I began to experiment with developing my own art after experimenting with altering many of my photographs using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Since then I have been experimenting in abstract art, often toying with the boundary between abstract and representa...
[Phil Slattery] - [United States-Artists] - [Wednesday 21st, April 2010]

Glenda Jarrett - Traditional oil Paintings New Zealand
I am a self-taught, traditional, realistic artist. My work portrays the many different facets and extremities of wilderness and wildlife inspired by New Zealand's beautiful land and seascapes. My finely detailed oil paintings are vibrant and crisp, capturing the true colours and essence of the heart of bush. This is a personal passion and reflectin...
[Glenda Jarrett] - [New Zealand-Artists] - [Monday 12th, April 2010]

Igor Ulanovsky Artist Painter Israel il/ ulanovsky
Was born in 1956 , Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Education: 1983-1984 Studied at External State University of Arts (Alexander Egorov's studio), Moscow, Russia. Experience: 1994 Repatriation to Israel. 1999 Work selected for "The Art Millennium Collection", The Hague, The Netherlands. 1999 Chosen for "2000 Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Ce...
[Igor Ulanovsky] - [Israel-Artists] - [Sunday 11th, April 2010]

Ein Hod Artists' Village, Israel
On the road to Haifa lies Ein Hod, an artists' village on a hill, at the foot of Mount Carmel overlooking the Mediterranean coast, the town of Atlit, and an ancient 12th century crusader fortress. After the War of Independence the area was abandoned and left in ruin. In the fifties, a group of artists led by the acclaimed Dada artist Marcel Janco d...
[Dan Ben-Arye] - [Israel-Artists] - [Sunday 4th, April 2010]

Banderas Enlaces Anuario José Galvan Montmartre Paris Francia
Video of Lidia Koifman Anuario Mundial del artista José Galván. Posibilidad de incluir enlaces, diferentes idiomas y contenido muy interesante. EXCHANGES BANNERS LINKS FREE LA BUTTE MONTMARTRE PARIS FRENCH Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the International Directory of Arts website. If you wish, you may add your link...
[webmaster-montmartre] - [Banderas-José-Galvan] - [Friday 19th, March 2010]

Elven Path Top 100 topsite/ darkelven76/ in.php?ID=...
Elven Path Top 100 World Map
[Elven Path ] - [Root Topsite] - [Monday 15th, March 2010]

Art 4me Art Site United States
The following type of information is available on this site and our many pages: Free links to Museum sites, Theater sites, Artist personal sites, Linking Directory, Graphics, mystical prints, horoscope posters, posters and prints, movie prints, fine art prints, acrylics, Original Paintings, Woodcarver, Woodcarving, Nature Paintings, Paintings of In...
[Terry Frederick] - [United States-Directories] - [Thursday 11th, March 2010]

Sasho Kambourov The World of Paint Magic Bulgaria
Sasho Kambourov, artist Born February 28, 1963. Graduated from the "S.S. Cyril and Methodius" University in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, Department of painting, in 1989. Member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists, affiliated to the IAA/ UNESCO. Chairman of the Group of the Artists in Pleven. Lives and works in Pleven, Bulgaria. Married. One daughter ...
[Sasho Kambourov] - [Bulgaria-Artists] - [Sunday 7th, March 2010]

Gallery Art 2 Business Nederlandse Antillen
Gallery Art 2 Business World Map
[yvonne wolthuis] - [Nederlands Antilles] - [Monday 1st, March 2010]

Antonio Zumaquero Gil Pintor Artístico España
Naci en Malaga en el año 1950, "Auto didacta " mi gran pasion siempre a sido la pintura, desde muy pequeño, pero por un motivo o otro no me pude dedicar, pero ese " gusanillo" siempre a estado dentro de mi , hasta que hace tres años e podido dedicarme de lleno, y le dedico todo mi tiempo, tras hacer cursos de pintura y dibujo y ayudandome de libros...
[Antonio Zumaquero Gil] - [España-Artistas] - [Tuesday 23rd, February 2010]

Manuel Garcia Pintor-Acuarelista Ecuador
MANUEL GARCÍA Pintor-Acuarelista Nace en Píntag-Ecuador ESTUDIOS REALIZADOS Instituto Superior de Artes Plásticas Daniel Reyes, San Antonio de Ibarra Academia Di Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci, Perugia Italia Dibujo Natural con el profesor Giuliano Giuman, Italia Acuarela con el maestro boliviano José Rodríguez Arte Virreinal, Ministerio de Educación, ...
[Manuel Garcia ] - [Ecuador-Artistas] - [Wednesday 17th, February 2010]

Watercolors and Painting From Munich Germany
Birgit Busch geboren und aufgewachsen in Leipzig Lebt und arbeitet in München Grosses Interesse am Zeichnen und Malen und erfolgreiche Ausstellungen schon in frühester Jugend Intensive Studien verschiedener Malmittel und Techniken, anfangs autodidaktisch. Erweiterung der Kenntnisse durch den Besuch von Seminaren. Studien und Malreisen bei verschied...
[Birgit Busch] - [Germany-Künstler] - [Wednesday 17th, February 2010]

Eliseo Allocca, artist Nola Italia
Eliseo Allocca nasce a Cimitile (Na), citta' delle Catacombe, delle Basiliche Paleocristiane, di S. Felice e S. Paolino. Completa gli studi di pittura all'Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli, sotto la guida del Maestro Emilio Notte. Ha tenuto mostre personale a Nola, Avellino, Cassino, Garda, Termoli, Vibo Valentia, New York, Stuttgart, Riccione, Rom...
[Orlando Allocca] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Monday 8th, February 2010]

Welkom op Godfather Toplijst top.asp?site=godfather
Meld uw site aan en de link wordt direct geplaatst na de eerste stem vanuit uw site.als u geen teruglink op uw site plaatst,of later verwijderd dan word de banner op webpagelist ook verwijderd ps een banner van 469 x 60 is verplicht stem ook op u eigen banner wandt dan blijf u er in staan dank u wel World Map Meld uw site aan en de link wordt ...
[webmaster-montmartre] - [Root Topsite] - [Tuesday 2nd, February 2010]

Russian Nostalgic Impressionism
Veselovsky Valery was born August 27, 1964 in Moskow. Since 1981, he paints. Was engaged at first in art studios. In 1990 by default has finished faculty of easel painting and drawing of a Publicity University of Arts in Moscow. In 2002 to year enters creative association of artists of Southern district of Moscow 'Artist', in 2005 in the Moscow ass...
[Veselovsky Valery] - [Russia-Artists] - [Thursday 7th, January 2010]

Silvana Brunotti Oil Paintings Italia topsite/ brunotti/ in.php?ID=193
Silvana Brunotti Oil Paintings Italia World Map Silvana Brunotti Oil Paintings Italia World Map
[webmaster-montmartre] - [Root Topsite] - [Monday 21st, December 2009]

Colours of Phebus World
Philippe Dubois (born in Lobbes on 4 November 1958) is a Belgian painter. He signs his work under the pseudonym PHEBUS. He started painting at the age of 30. In October 1989 he exposed his first paintings in the National Saloon of the SNCB, the Belgian railway company, where he won the first price of the public with a marine (sailboat). During seve...
[PHEBUS ] - [Belgium-Artists] - [Saturday 19th, December 2009]

Galería virtual de arte ArtDulac
Galería virtual de arte ArtDulac En Galería virtual de arte ArtDulac podrá exponer y comprar obras de arte de diferentes autores y épocas con variadas tendencias y técnicas. En ArtDulac, podá encontrar pintura de la talla de :* Antonio Maria De Esquivel *Julio Prieto Nespereira *Manuel Sanchez Ramos (Madrid)* Diaz* Urbano Lugrís*Suarez Llanos*S.Ka...
[Galería virtual de arte ArtDulac] - [España-Galería] - [Friday 18th, December 2009]

The Waterhouse Foundation Canada
The Waterhouse Foundation Registers artists from around the world. It was founded by The Emily Isaacson Institute in Canada, and promotes art in all mediums. Contemporary artists are invited to complete an application for review, and if accepted can provide a link to their portfolios, as well as receiving a list of benefits for their art business o...
[The Waterhouse Foundation] - [Canada-Gallery] - [Wednesday 2nd, December 2009]

Jan Rusnok Galeria Prawdziwych Obrazów - True Pictures Gallery
 Author's online gallery. Jan Rusnok paints traditional true pictures with traditional oil technique . His every picture originated from a real scenery but then the artist transform it in his imagination into autonomous being. They are, therefore, not realistic landscapes but the author's inner visions. Here is the nature, beautiful and mighty that...
[Jan Rusnok] - [Poland-Artists] - [Friday 13th, November 2009]

Cobo Pintor Tarragona Ubeda España acobo/
Nazco en Ubeda, provincia de Jaén en el 1954. En 1963 mis padres emigran a Tarragona, donde curso estudios de formación profesional, en la especialidad de electricidad. En 1980 estando trabajando , en mis ratos libres, me apunto a la escuela de artes aplicadas y oficios artísticos, de tarragona, donde estoy dos años, en la especialidad de pintura, ...
[antonio cobo vilches] - [España-Artistas] - [Saturday 10th, October 2009]

Chushan China
Yellow River Culture Transmission Group is an integrated and diverse enterprise concentrating its business on originality of Chinese culture industry, media transmission, cultural product service and cultural fund. We plans to develop our company into a most influential integrated firm of largest scale in China for agent, evaluation, transmission a...
[Rose] - [China-Gallery] - [Thursday 17th, September 2009]

OilL Painting Reproduction United States
OIL PAINTING REPRODUCTION Welcome ! contains up-to-date news and links relating to historic (pre-1945) California art. Publications points to Dustin's list of reference books on California art. Art World News , which is updated every three months, contains news of upcoming exhibitions, publications, lectures and auctions relating ...
[webmaster montmartre] - [United States-Gallery] - [Friday 4th, September 2009]

Meenal Artist Painter United States
my name is meenal. i welcome you to this website of my paintings and digital art - digmeart. digmeart stands for digital meenal art & i hope you dig my work! my paintings and digital art include the genres of abstract art, figurative art, figurative-abstracts, decorative art and child art. my style is a mix of lucid art, naive art and soulful art.I...
[webmaster montmartre] - [United States-Artists] - [Friday 28th, August 2009]

Emilio Matera Artisti Pittore Italia
Emilio Matera - Pittore mosaicista, grafico computer, vive ed opera a Monreale e a Palermo, ha completato gli studi artistici presso l'Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo allievo di Totò Bonanno, Pippo Gambino e Alberto Ziveri Sin dal 1960 ha allestito mostre nelle maggiori città italiane ed all'estero conseguendo ovunque ampi consensi di critica e ...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Friday 28th, August 2009]

Roger Cummiskey Artista Pintor España
 am a full time visual Artist. Professional Member of Visual Artists Ireland - VAI. Member The Artists’ Resale Right (ARR) (Droit de Suite) In Ireland - IVARO Chairman of the Andalusian International Artists Group - AIA-Group - PAIA. Presidente del Grupo de Artistas Internacionales en Andalucia - PAIA. Member Asociación Españ...
[Roger Cummiskey] - [España-Artistas] - [Thursday 27th, August 2009]

Åke Johansson Artist Painter Sweden
My name is Åke Johansson and I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on February 22, 1959. I am an self taught artist who up until now mainly have drawn pencil portraits. I will take up oil painting as well. I will try to paint on paper, I have never tried that before, only on canvas. It will be interesting to try it. And then I will chose other motives b...
[Åke Johansson] - [Sweden-Artists] - [Saturday 15th, August 2009]

Oliver Currans Artist Painter Ireland
Welcome Ireland & To Oliver Currans Spirits Of The Thatch and Land Of Secrets. CurranArt. A Self Taught Irish Artist Oliver Curran was born in Ireland in 1949. The son of hard working parents, he lived an impoverished life in a section of town filled with ghosts of those who had been before. Life was not easy. Oliver's father worked on the docks sh...
[oliver curran] - [Irland-Artists] - [Saturday 15th, August 2009]

Art Gallery in Switzerland
Soy Enrique Crusellas, nacido en Barcelona (España), fotógrafo , y resido en Berna (Suiza). A comienzos del año 2008, decidí crear, junto a mis trabajos, una galería on - line, 'ImagineYmage' dedicada a la fotografía y pintura, donde tienen cabida todos los artistas que quieran mostrar y vender sus obras. También será posible, y para quien lo quier...
[Enrique crusellas] - [Switzerland-Gallery] - [Saturday 8th, August 2009]

Allan Bebb Artist Painter England
Welcome to Allan's Art Handmade Watercolour Greetings Cards I'm Allan, I was born in 1959 in Rochdale Lancashire. I now live in Norden which is an ever expanding village on the outskirts of Rochdale. I have always been keen in art and like many other artists I began drawing and painting at school. On leaving school in 1976 I started work as an app...
[allan bebb] - [England-Artists] - [Thursday 6th, August 2009]

Portraits By Joseph Dea United States
Leading digital painter Joseph Dea is a graduate of the Hartford Art School. Dea has created poster art for the New York Ballet and Discovery-Channel-Films. His video art has exhibited at the prestigious Kitchen Gallery, the Whitney Museum, and one of his pieces, Two Triple Cheese, is included in the NY-Metropolitan-Museum-of-Modern-Art permanent v...
[Joseph Dea] - [United States-Artists] - [Wednesday 5th, August 2009]

Azar Vaghefi's Artwork United States
Azar Vaghefi, is an enthusiastic artist who loved art since she was a child. As a teenager she won the national art competition in her country, Iran. She is inspired by nature and it's beauties and she uses Oil paint, Acrylic and Mixed media techniques to express her feelings in her work. She has had several art exhibitions in Istanbul Turkey where...
[Azar Vaghefi] - [United States-Artists] - [Wednesday 5th, August 2009]

Canvas Prints Gallery England
Canvas art by one of UK 's most popular suppliers of canvas prints. Browse our online gallery for affordable abstract, floral and landscape canvas prints. Canvas art by one of UK 's most popular suppliers of canvas prints. Browse our online gallery for affordable abstract, floral and landscape canvas prints.
[] - [England-Gallery] - [Monday 3rd, August 2009]

Victor Arseni Artist Painter Moldova
Born in 1969, Moldova, Chisinau - artist, portraitist, illustrator. Lives and works in Chisinau. 1983 - adopted at once in the class II Art School. A. Shchusev, Chisinau (teacher Vasilyeva N.A.). 1986 - passed immediately to the II year of art school-teacher I. Repina, Chisinau (teachers I. Lieberman, Tihonchuk M. Stepanov I.V.). Year 1987-1989 - s...
[Victor Arseni] - [Moldova-Artists] - [Sunday 26th, July 2009]

Galería de Arte Virtual Mexico cgi-bin/ secure/ inicio.asp
¿Como Nació MEXICO ARTE? MEXICO ARTE surgió como Galería de Arte Virtual en el año de 2004. Con el incremento del uso de Internet para la promoción de arte y gracias a los esfuerzos realizados año con año, el tráfico en el sitio tuvo un aumento importante, por lo que en el año 2007 decidimos ampliar nuestros servicios ofreciendo a artistas emergent...
[] - [México-Galeria] - [Sunday 21st, June 2009] Galeria de Artistas
Bienvenidos, esta es una galeria de arte virtual creada por artistas para difundir y promocionar el Arte y el talento del artista peruano. Esperamos disfruten su visita. Bienvenidos, esta es una galeria de arte virtual creada por artistas para difundir y promocionar el Arte y el talento del artista peruano. Esperamos disfruten su visita.
[] - [Perú-Galeria] - [Sunday 21st, June 2009] Directorios de Artistas United States index.html
All sites must have these qualities: Submit your homepage only (Exceptions can be made for very important areas of your site.. eg, focused on a particular artist). No sites under construction. You must place our banner or a text link in your site Send an email to or use our contact form All sites must have these qualities: Sub...
[] - [United States-Directories] - [Saturday 20th, June 2009]

Bob Patterson Artist Painter United States
Bob Patterson Artist Painter U.S.A Alaska Master artist BOB PATTERSON Bob Patterson was awarded the Alaska artist of the year in 1997 by Northwest Artist Magazine. The article described his art as capturing the full magnitude of Alaska, its people, animals, and scenery. He was titled a master artist by his peers... Bob spent a lot of time in Alask...
[Bob Patterson] - [United States-Artists] - [Saturday 20th, June 2009]

Sergio Gaspar Artista Pintor Argentina
Sergio Gaspar Artista Pintor Argentina Nació en Buenos Aires ,Argentina en 1971 , donde reside. Su interés por el dibujo y la pintura lo motivaron desde chico. Encontró fascinante la técnica de la aerografía, a la cual se dedicó mientras estudiaba diseño industrial. Expuso sus trabajos en la UBA en dos oportunidades, donde dictó cursos sobre esta t...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Argentina-Artistas] - [Thursday 18th, June 2009]

Silvana Orlando Pittrice Olio su Tela Italia
Silvana ORLANDO Silvana ORLANDO nasce a Melissano in provincia di Lecce l' 11-08-1966 dove vive e lavora. Sin da ragazza ha coltivato la passione per il disegno e la pittura, autodidatta per vocazione viene influenzata dai dipinti dei grandi maestri del '600 e del '700. Si è accresciuta professionalmente frequentando la scuola di un rinomato pittor...
[Silvana ORLANDO] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Friday 12th, June 2009]

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