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Cobo Pintor Tarragona Ubeda España acobo/
Nazco en Ubeda, provincia de Jaén en el 1954. En 1963 mis padres emigran a Tarragona, donde curso estudios de formación profesional, en la especialidad de electricidad. En 1980 estando trabajando , en mis ratos libres, me apunto a la escuela de artes aplicadas y oficios artísticos, de tarragona, donde estoy dos años, en la especialidad de pintura, ...
[antonio cobo vilches] - [España-Artistas] - [Saturday 10th, October 2009]

Chushan China
Yellow River Culture Transmission Group is an integrated and diverse enterprise concentrating its business on originality of Chinese culture industry, media transmission, cultural product service and cultural fund. We plans to develop our company into a most influential integrated firm of largest scale in China for agent, evaluation, transmission a...
[Rose] - [China-Gallery] - [Thursday 17th, September 2009]

OilL Painting Reproduction United States
OIL PAINTING REPRODUCTION Welcome ! contains up-to-date news and links relating to historic (pre-1945) California art. Publications points to Dustin's list of reference books on California art. Art World News , which is updated every three months, contains news of upcoming exhibitions, publications, lectures and auctions relating ...
[webmaster montmartre] - [United States-Gallery] - [Friday 4th, September 2009]

Meenal Artist Painter United States
my name is meenal. i welcome you to this website of my paintings and digital art - digmeart. digmeart stands for digital meenal art & i hope you dig my work! my paintings and digital art include the genres of abstract art, figurative art, figurative-abstracts, decorative art and child art. my style is a mix of lucid art, naive art and soulful art.I...
[webmaster montmartre] - [United States-Artists] - [Friday 28th, August 2009]

Emilio Matera Artisti Pittore Italia
Emilio Matera - Pittore mosaicista, grafico computer, vive ed opera a Monreale e a Palermo, ha completato gli studi artistici presso l'Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo allievo di Totò Bonanno, Pippo Gambino e Alberto Ziveri Sin dal 1960 ha allestito mostre nelle maggiori città italiane ed all'estero conseguendo ovunque ampi consensi di critica e ...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Friday 28th, August 2009]

Roger Cummiskey Artista Pintor España
 am a full time visual Artist. Professional Member of Visual Artists Ireland - VAI. Member The Artists’ Resale Right (ARR) (Droit de Suite) In Ireland - IVARO Chairman of the Andalusian International Artists Group - AIA-Group - PAIA. Presidente del Grupo de Artistas Internacionales en Andalucia - PAIA. Member Asociación Españ...
[Roger Cummiskey] - [España-Artistas] - [Thursday 27th, August 2009]

Åke Johansson Artist Painter Sweden
My name is Åke Johansson and I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on February 22, 1959. I am an self taught artist who up until now mainly have drawn pencil portraits. I will take up oil painting as well. I will try to paint on paper, I have never tried that before, only on canvas. It will be interesting to try it. And then I will chose other motives b...
[Åke Johansson] - [Sweden-Artists] - [Saturday 15th, August 2009]

Oliver Currans Artist Painter Ireland
Welcome Ireland & To Oliver Currans Spirits Of The Thatch and Land Of Secrets. CurranArt. A Self Taught Irish Artist Oliver Curran was born in Ireland in 1949. The son of hard working parents, he lived an impoverished life in a section of town filled with ghosts of those who had been before. Life was not easy. Oliver's father worked on the docks sh...
[oliver curran] - [Irland-Artists] - [Saturday 15th, August 2009]

Art Gallery in Switzerland
Soy Enrique Crusellas, nacido en Barcelona (España), fotógrafo , y resido en Berna (Suiza). A comienzos del año 2008, decidí crear, junto a mis trabajos, una galería on - line, 'ImagineYmage' dedicada a la fotografía y pintura, donde tienen cabida todos los artistas que quieran mostrar y vender sus obras. También será posible, y para quien lo quier...
[Enrique crusellas] - [Switzerland-Gallery] - [Saturday 8th, August 2009]

Allan Bebb Artist Painter England
Welcome to Allan's Art Handmade Watercolour Greetings Cards I'm Allan, I was born in 1959 in Rochdale Lancashire. I now live in Norden which is an ever expanding village on the outskirts of Rochdale. I have always been keen in art and like many other artists I began drawing and painting at school. On leaving school in 1976 I started work as an app...
[allan bebb] - [England-Artists] - [Thursday 6th, August 2009]

Portraits By Joseph Dea United States
Leading digital painter Joseph Dea is a graduate of the Hartford Art School. Dea has created poster art for the New York Ballet and Discovery-Channel-Films. His video art has exhibited at the prestigious Kitchen Gallery, the Whitney Museum, and one of his pieces, Two Triple Cheese, is included in the NY-Metropolitan-Museum-of-Modern-Art permanent v...
[Joseph Dea] - [United States-Artists] - [Wednesday 5th, August 2009]

Azar Vaghefi's Artwork United States
Azar Vaghefi, is an enthusiastic artist who loved art since she was a child. As a teenager she won the national art competition in her country, Iran. She is inspired by nature and it's beauties and she uses Oil paint, Acrylic and Mixed media techniques to express her feelings in her work. She has had several art exhibitions in Istanbul Turkey where...
[Azar Vaghefi] - [United States-Artists] - [Wednesday 5th, August 2009]

Canvas Prints Gallery England
Canvas art by one of UK 's most popular suppliers of canvas prints. Browse our online gallery for affordable abstract, floral and landscape canvas prints. Canvas art by one of UK 's most popular suppliers of canvas prints. Browse our online gallery for affordable abstract, floral and landscape canvas prints.
[] - [England-Gallery] - [Monday 3rd, August 2009]

Victor Arseni Artist Painter Moldova
Born in 1969, Moldova, Chisinau - artist, portraitist, illustrator. Lives and works in Chisinau. 1983 - adopted at once in the class II Art School. A. Shchusev, Chisinau (teacher Vasilyeva N.A.). 1986 - passed immediately to the II year of art school-teacher I. Repina, Chisinau (teachers I. Lieberman, Tihonchuk M. Stepanov I.V.). Year 1987-1989 - s...
[Victor Arseni] - [Moldova-Artists] - [Sunday 26th, July 2009]

Galería de Arte Virtual Mexico cgi-bin/ secure/ inicio.asp
¿Como Nació MEXICO ARTE? MEXICO ARTE surgió como Galería de Arte Virtual en el año de 2004. Con el incremento del uso de Internet para la promoción de arte y gracias a los esfuerzos realizados año con año, el tráfico en el sitio tuvo un aumento importante, por lo que en el año 2007 decidimos ampliar nuestros servicios ofreciendo a artistas emergent...
[] - [México-Galeria] - [Sunday 21st, June 2009] Galeria de Artistas
Bienvenidos, esta es una galeria de arte virtual creada por artistas para difundir y promocionar el Arte y el talento del artista peruano. Esperamos disfruten su visita. Bienvenidos, esta es una galeria de arte virtual creada por artistas para difundir y promocionar el Arte y el talento del artista peruano. Esperamos disfruten su visita.
[] - [Perú-Galeria] - [Sunday 21st, June 2009] Directorios de Artistas United States index.html
All sites must have these qualities: Submit your homepage only (Exceptions can be made for very important areas of your site.. eg, focused on a particular artist). No sites under construction. You must place our banner or a text link in your site Send an email to or use our contact form All sites must have these qualities: Sub...
[] - [United States-Directories] - [Saturday 20th, June 2009]

Bob Patterson Artist Painter United States
Bob Patterson Artist Painter U.S.A Alaska Master artist BOB PATTERSON Bob Patterson was awarded the Alaska artist of the year in 1997 by Northwest Artist Magazine. The article described his art as capturing the full magnitude of Alaska, its people, animals, and scenery. He was titled a master artist by his peers... Bob spent a lot of time in Alask...
[Bob Patterson] - [United States-Artists] - [Saturday 20th, June 2009]

Sergio Gaspar Artista Pintor Argentina
Sergio Gaspar Artista Pintor Argentina Nació en Buenos Aires ,Argentina en 1971 , donde reside. Su interés por el dibujo y la pintura lo motivaron desde chico. Encontró fascinante la técnica de la aerografía, a la cual se dedicó mientras estudiaba diseño industrial. Expuso sus trabajos en la UBA en dos oportunidades, donde dictó cursos sobre esta t...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Argentina-Artistas] - [Thursday 18th, June 2009]

Silvana Orlando Pittrice Olio su Tela Italia
Silvana ORLANDO Silvana ORLANDO nasce a Melissano in provincia di Lecce l' 11-08-1966 dove vive e lavora. Sin da ragazza ha coltivato la passione per il disegno e la pittura, autodidatta per vocazione viene influenzata dai dipinti dei grandi maestri del '600 e del '700. Si è accresciuta professionalmente frequentando la scuola di un rinomato pittor...
[Silvana ORLANDO] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Friday 12th, June 2009]

Creative Works of Jerry Sauls Artists Painter United States
Jerry Sauls Artists Painter A deep appreciation for nature, and a never-ending infatuation with the phenomenal beauty of nature’s subtle moments have been the inspiration for the artwork of Jerry Sauls. A lifelong resident of the Southeastern United States, Jerry has traveled extensively, with each adventure providing everlasting memories, which mo...
[Jerry Sauls] - [United States-Artists] - [Tuesday 2nd, June 2009]

Vladimir Kepić Artist Painter Serbia
Vladimir Kepić born in Jagodina in 1964 .He has been painting since 1979.Resides in Jagodina. He has participated in indepenendent and group shows in this country and abroad.Winner more prize and acknowledgment.Participed at painting a few orthodox Church. Vladim i r Kepić rođen 1964 . u Jagodini.Slika od 1979. Živi u Jagodini izlagao na samostalni...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Serbia-Artists] - [Sunday 31st, May 2009]

Suzan Wolters Artist Painter Netherlands
ABOUT SUZAN Suzan Wolters comes from a family that has made art its business. Suzan is now 51-years old and the daughter of Max and Niesje, who have been (and still are) active in the doll and teddybear world for 35 years! Suzan's father Max is well known for his Publishing company where hundreds of books are published about dolls, teddy bears and ...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Netherlands-Artiesten] - [Monday 25th, May 2009]

Carol Moore Artits Painter United States
Carol Moore Artits Painter U.S.A Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion for the out-of-doors, animals and art. When I was young, my dream was to become either a wildlife biologist or a veterinarian. I was the kid, who always brought home or I would sneak in the house strays or some other critter. However, during junior high and high...
[webmaster montmartre] - [United States-Artists] - [Saturday 16th, May 2009]

Maren Jeskanen Artist Painter Finland
Maren Jeskanen Artist Painter Finland About the things I paint: I love to paint and draw people ... doing whatever they're doing, feeling something while doing it ... What are they thinking and why? Most of my paintings are of people portraits aussi. I have allways beens into atmospheres and I find it interesting to catch a feeling Both in some peo...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Finland-Artists] - [Saturday 16th, May 2009]

Frank Wilson Artist, Illusionist, Muralist United States
Frank Wilson is a member of the International Guild Of Realism. A full time professional artist for over thirty years, Frank's formal art education took place at the School of Practical Art and the Art Institute of Boston with further studies under Marko Lolo Marchi and Steven Yankopolis. Over the years, the artist has won many awards for his paint...
[Frank Wilson] - [United States-Artists] - [Monday 27th, April 2009]

The Pencil Art of Floyd Gentry United States
'In moments of mental plentitude, I forget my “self,” my body, my ties, my memories, the past, all the acts and impressions which determined my sense of remoteness and the whole long trajectory of evasion and separation' Macedonio Fernandez Floyd Gentry Born 1950 in Fort Worth, Texas - an American Realist specializing in fine art oil painting, penc...
[Floyd Gentry] - [United States-Artists] - [Sunday 26th, April 2009]

Michael Berry Artist Painter Australia
The universal questions that Michael Berry asks and the pictures he paints are the same exploration. His life and his art are linked at the deepest possible level - they are an inseparable whole. He denies psychological security through images of oneself and others, and in his paintings he avoids the recognisable, including his own fronto signature...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Australia-Artists] - [Sunday 26th, April 2009]

Conrad Mieschke Artist Painter Canada
A professional artist since 1970, Conrad was born in Poland in 1938 (to German parents) and raised and educated in Germany. Although he sketched and painted from an early age, family and economic pressure led him away from art to pursue a more 'respectable profession'. In my family, painting was considered a hobby, not a profession. Following high ...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Canada-Artists] - [Saturday 25th, April 2009]

Anna Knights Contemporary Botanical Art England
Anna lives in the village of Shamley Green in Surrey and grew up in rural West Sussex, surrounded by the lush beauty of the English countryside. Nature inspires her art and her paintings show us its beauty in all its perfection. With her unusual use of close-up and composition Anna takes a modern and contemporary approach to botanical painting. Ann...
[webmaster montmartre] - [England-Artists] - [Thursday 23rd, April 2009]

Airbrush Frank Hazen Artist Painter United States
Frank Hazen Artist Painter lives and paints in Dayton, Ohio with his beautiful wife. He is a self-taught artist and uses the airbrush for his medium. Portraiture is his first love but his work can be seen on many different mediums. Frank Hazen Artist Painter lives and paints in Dayton, Ohio with his beautiful wife. He is a self-taught artist...
[Frank Hazen] - [United States-Artists] - [Wednesday 15th, April 2009]

Gregg Simpson Artist Painter Canada
Gregg Simpson Artist Painter Canada A prolific and critically recognized artist and musician, Gregg Simpson has exhibited his paintings, drawings, and works on paper throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia. His work is included in several academic studies, art history books and journals published in Canada, Europe, and Australia an...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Canada-Artists] - [Tuesday 14th, April 2009]

Albert's Digital Art Artist Painter Australia
Albert Sellaman I'm a self taught artist from Australia. I mainly paint with computer software so almost all my art is digital art. I started off with acrylics and water colors and switched to digital many years ago when I got my first computer. I try and get my art to look earthy with a non-computer generated feel to it. I also try and make all my...
[Albert Sellaman] - [Australia-Artists] - [Monday 13th, April 2009]

Art of Masachiko Artist Japan masachiko/
Masachiko created this site in June 2006 in the hope that more people will be interested in Japanese art. This site introduces watercolors, CG and so on. Especially, I am skillful in the portrait and animal's picture. I can draw a real picture referring to the photograph. ご来館、ありがとうございます。 CGイラスト・水彩画・カラーマーカーの作品を展示しております。 どうぞごゆっくり、ご閲覧ください。 ☆☆☆ Illustr...
[Masachiko] - [Japan-Artists] - [Saturday 4th, April 2009]

Reto Marti Artist Sculptor Canada
Born in 1960 in Switzerland I was raised educated and trained in the German speaking part of the country. In 1981 I entered into skill training with Fischer Naturstein to learn the trade of a stone carver. Over a period of seven years I apprenticed on numerous projects including: outdoor sculpture, architectural carving for heritage buildings, lett...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Canada-Artists] - [Saturday 4th, April 2009]

Tony Carlos Paraná Rodrigues Artista Pintor Brazil
Tony Carlos Paraná Rodrigues IParaná was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Bahia is a culturally rich and diverse area in Northwestern Brazil, a home of Capoeira, Samba, And Afro-Brazilian History. I did my first painting when I was 12 years old, more for fun than anything. However, my mother was very impressed and I continued to paint a few more be...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Brazil-Artistas] - [Tuesday 31st, March 2009]

MK carving & sculpting Canada
Born in 1967,moved to Canada from Japan in 1994. He started his sculpting carrier through wood carving and currently expanding his artistic specialty toward using other materials for Public Art and Commercial Demands. His wood works don't belong to chain saw carving but its size sometimes goes beyond that with much finer finishing. He has created m...
[Mori Kono] - [Canada-Artists] - [Saturday 28th, March 2009]

Yvonne West Artist Painter Australia
Yvonne West is an award winning artist living in the Hawkesbury River region northwest of Sydney, Australia. She has recently travelled to Italy and her work from that trip will soon be displayed here. Yvonne's formal training began in the mid 80's taking tuition in tonal oil painting with well known artist Judy Brownlie. She has mastered technique...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Australia-Artists] - [Tuesday 17th, March 2009]

Official site of Bartosz Fraczek Poland
Bartosz Fraczek was born in 1974.He graduated from the Painting Departament.The Faculty of Art At the Pedagogical University in Czestochowa (Poland) He was given the President of Czestochowa Scholarship four times.Currently he is an assistant in the department of Drawing and Painting of Jan Dlugosz Academy. He is the initiator and organizer of the ...
[Bartosz Fraczek] - [Poland-Artists] - [Thursday 12th, March 2009]

Katarina Ali Pittrice Italia
Katarina Ali was born in 1973 in Zemun, Yugoslavia. In 1993 she graduated in Industrial Design from the School of Design in Belgrade and in 1999 she graduated in Graphic Planning from the Academy of Beautiful Arts and Design in Belgrade. The artist has taken part in numerous collective exhibitions in Italy and in Yugoslavia. She has won the first p...
[webmaster montmartre] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Saturday 28th, February 2009]

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