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Dick Blick Art Materials U.S.A
Dick Blick Art Materials has always been a leader in informing artists, teachers, and consumers about potential hazards in the arts. For artists who want to use the same techniques and materials as the great masters, handling of hazardous materials is a necessity. We seek to identify risks, to help our customers find materials that are safe and app...
[Dick Blick Art Materials] - [United States-Gallery] - [Tuesday 14th, December 2010]

ArtWeidmann, Paintings in oil, poster, greeting cards, e-cards, wallpaper
Willkommen bei ArtWeidmann der Kunst website der schweizer Künstler Ulrich Weidmann und Dessa Weidmann. Sie finden bei uns moderne Gegenwartskunst mit Einflüssen verschiedener Kunststile: Abstrakte Kunst, Fotorealismus, Surrealismus, Symbolismus, Visionäre Kunst, lllusionäre Kunst, Digitale Kunst, Fotographie. Unsere Liebe und Leidenschaft zu Kunst...
[Ulrich Weidmann] - [Switzerland-Artists] - [Friday 3rd, December 2010]

Maryam Javanbakht Artist Painter Iran
I was born in 1978 in Iran. Presently I live in Tehran and work as a medical doctor. I am also about to complete my Master’s Degree in Public Health. Looking back to my childhood spent with my lovely family, I find myself playing cheerfully, going through the surroundings to discover more about the nature. I used to paint like so many other childre...
[Maryam Javanbakht] - [Iran-Artists] - [Saturday 20th, November 2010]

Lebedev Alexander Veniaminovich Artist Painter Russia
Добро пожаловать на сайт художника! Вы зашли на персональный сайт художника - арт-галерею «ЛАВ» Лебедева Александра Вениаминовича. Арт-галерея «ЛАВ» представляет авангардную живопись и графику. Художник имеет многолетний опыт в книжной иллюстрации, занимается креативным, творчески свободно-независимым дизайном, авангардной фотографией, ЛАВ-измами (...
[Lebedev Alexander Veniaminovich] - [Russia-Artists] - [Tuesday 16th, November 2010]

Юрия Слащёва-Yuri Slashchev Artist Painter Russia
Добро пожаловать на иной художественно-поэтический сайт Живопись,графика,арт-фото,поэзия художника Юрия Слащёва Родился я в 1986 году в Астрахани,где и живу по сей день.С совсем ранних лет проявил способность и интерес к рисованию.Когда в детстве узнал о существовании художественных школ,уговаривал мать отдать меня в одну из них.Поэтому в десять ле...
[Yuri Slaŝëva] - [Russia-Artists] - [Sunday 7th, November 2010]

Sculptures Igor Seter-unique sculptures,reliefs,applied art
Igor Seter Seter Igor was born 1951 in Ljubljana- Slovenia.He is living and working in Sombor-Serbia. Activity: unique sculptures,reliefs,fountains,applied art, and same to architects and designers. Igor Seter Sculptor from Serbia, citi of Sombor. Activity: unique sculptures,sculptural reliefs and applied art.Sculptures are life size.He makes them ...
[Igor Seter] - [Serbia-Artists] - [Sunday 7th, November 2010]

Bezrodnykh Alex Virtual gallery Sankt-Peterburg Russia
Bezrodnykh Alexander -artist from St.-Petersburg. The artist works in different styles of oil painting and also makes to order copies classical painting(dutch still life, impressionism), on professions artist - wall painting , that is to say specialist on wall painting : mosaic , graffito , stained-glass window , fresco , painting temper paints on...
[Alexander Bezrodnykh] - [Russia-Artists] - [Wednesday 27th, October 2010]

Michael Sass - New Zealand Artist
Michael Sass migrated to Tauranga, New Zealand from Knysna, South Africa in 2000 with his wife, Kathy and their Staffordshire, Sarah to be with their two daughters Tracey and Carron and their grandchildren, Benn and Hannah. Their elder daughter, Tracey, married Darren, a New Zealander from Te Puke. Having been in business all his life, Michael purs...
[Michael Sass] - [New Zealand-Artists] - [Friday 22nd, October 2010]

Marc St-Jean Artist Painter Montréal, Québec Canada index.php
Marc St-Jean Date and place of birth: June 30, 1958 Montreal (Canada). -Beginning of the 1990s: formation of the old masters school Jacques Lajeunesse and mixed technique. During this period, many tables emerge, sharing them with the public through several group exhibitions. -From 2001 to 2004: led by Irena Korosec, I improved my technique and expl...
[Marc St-Jean] - [Canada-Artists] - [Friday 22nd, October 2010]

Mara Szalajda Artist United-States
The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things. But the inward significance. Aristotle My formal art education began in the 9th grade. My art teacher, Dan Christoffel inspired students for decades as a high school art teacher. In fact, the work I do today began in that 9th grade class. I majored in art in High School. I began m...
[Mara Szalajda] - [United States-Artists] - [Thursday 21st, October 2010]

Abackartist k.s.a Makkah Saudi Arabia
Artist k.s.a Abackart Plastic Kingdom Saudi Arabia Jeddah Arab Group World Map
[faeiz aouad alharty] - [Saudi-Arabia-Artists] - [Saturday 16th, October 2010]

Isabel Isla Blum Artista Plástica Argentina
Isabel Isla Blum N ací en San Nicolás, provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mi vocación artística comienza cuando finalizo mis estudios secundarios, en el año 1983. En ese momento, comienzo a cursar el magisterio de Dibujo en la Escuela de Bellas Artes “Rumbo” de la Ciudad de San Nicolás, provincia de Buenos Aires. En el año 1987 , al finalizar mi...
[Isabel Isla Blum] - [Argentina-Artistas] - [Monday 4th, October 2010]

Adam Malerei, Bildhauerei, Objektkunst
ADAM Objektkünstler Malerei Plastik Grafik Performances Design World Map
[Adam] - [Germany-Künstler] - [Sunday 22nd, August 2010]

Seidel Art - Tadeusz Seidel
Tadeusz Seidel Born in Poland, Tadeusz Seidel grew up in Warsaw, where he was exposed to the classical forms of art. Tadeusz received great encouragement to develop his artistic skills from his father, Teodor, himself an artist and educator. Tadeusz credits his father with teaching him to look at the world with open eyes and to acknowledge nature a...
[Tadeusz Seidel] - [United States-Artists] - [Saturday 21st, August 2010]

Puzyrchenko Sergey Artist ukrainien
Puzyrchenko Sergey Artist ukrainien Atelier Zhivopis.Hudozhestvennaya Né en 1961 à Kirovohrad (Ukraine). La première exposition personnelle a eu lieu en 1985 à kirovograd Art Gallery.1995-Exposition à Art-Salon "Vernissage" Kirovograd.1999-Exposition à l'administration du Président de l'Ukraine, Kiev.2001-exposition permanente à l'Ecole d'Art profe...
[Puzyrchenko Sergey ] - [Ukraine-Artists] - [Saturday 14th, August 2010]

IZ MAGLOW : BALI / INDONESIA : Expressive Ensembles
Iz Maglow was born in Karlsruhe (Germany) in 1955 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart from 1978 to 1984. Since 1993 he lives and paints in Bali (Indonesia). He has taken part in numerous national and international exhibitions and been commissioned by the Chamber Opera, Frankfurt / Main, on many occasions to create stage-designs for...
[Iz Maglow] - [Germany-Künstler] - [Wednesday 7th, July 2010]

JAM Saylor_American Nature Painter
About the Artist American Nature Painter Judith A. Maddox Saylor Artist, Judith A. Maddox Saylor... is inspired in these United States, to paint from life, dreams, and photography. She ties her representations on canvas to the abundance of nature. Her paintings reflect the saturation of color and brilliant light found near the ocean in South Florid...
[Judith A. Maddox Saylor] - [United States-Artists] - [Tuesday 1st, June 2010]

Marianna Venczak Artist Painter Hungary
https:/ / artists-page-2/...
Artist, from 1993 graphic artist, illustrator, painter, marketing manager. From this year she is member of the National Associaton of Lovers of Art. National Associaton of Lovers of Art - Member of Presidency From 2002 webdesigner. Picture "The Evening": The painting has won the extra reward of the Hanza Museum and Jazygian Gallery. Competition ,,H...
[Marianna Venczak] - [Hungary-Artists-Professional] - [Sunday 16th, May 2010]

Monte Wright Artist Painter Canada
Born in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, Canada. He is both a graphic and fine artist who taught art for 32 years. The main infuences on Monte´s work has been his Christian beliefs and Cadada's natural environment. Exhibits of his work have been shown since 1962 throughout many parts of Canada. Recents, 2002 exhibits were at Homer Watson Houes and Gallery, ...
[Monte Wright] - [Canada-Artists] - [Wednesday 12th, May 2010]

Maria Mucharska Artist Painter England
Maria Mucharska Artist Painter I was born in Poland in 1958 and immigrated to England in 1989. Although I am a keen photographer that enjoys working with computer generated photography, I prefer painting, which is my favourite medium. Painting is part of everything I do now and I hope you will take the time to look at this site. I am a very enthusi...
[Maria Mucharska] - [England-Artists] - [Friday 30th, April 2010]

María Cristina Novelli Artísta Plástica Argentina
María Cristina nació en San Fernando, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina y desde hace años vive en Tigre. Su formación la recibió de prestigiosos artistas argentinos como Sara Castro, Daniel Pellegata, Marcelo Bertolini, Rodolfo Insaurralde, Karin Gutman, Rubén Silva, Helena Distéfano y Heriberto Zorrilla, maestro fundador del movimiento pictóri...
[María Cristina Novelli ] - [Argentina-Artistas] - [Sunday 25th, April 2010]

Albert Robbe Artist Painter Netherlands
Surrealistische schilderijen van Albert Robbe. Albert Robbe (1943) volgde een tekenopleiding aan de School voor de Grafische Vakken in Utrecht (NL). Deze basis voor zijn latere werk werd verbreed met aanvullende opleidingen aan de Kunstacademie, eveneens in Utrecht World Map
[Albert Robbe] - [Netherlands-Artiesten] - [Sunday 25th, April 2010]

Ire Art Gallery California United States
IRE Art gallery show featuring fine art galleries of huge masterpiece paintings in a most ideal way. The total team members of us are experienced masters of 15 years and of course a vast painting knowledge. Because of these reason all works of art, existing by our gallery are scrupulously checked and carefully chosen by a team of knowledgeable prof...
[saba] - [United States-Gallery] - [Sunday 25th, April 2010]

MÁRTIO Artista Pintor Portugal
Mário Martins - Mártio Pintor e ceramista representado em colecções particulares no País e no estrangeiro, nasceu no Concelho de Almada - freguesia da Cova da Piedade - e reside na Vila da Sobreda de Caparica - Portugal. Autodidacta, muito interessado em aprofundar os seus conhecimentos de arte, viaja pelo estrangeiro, visita os grandes Museus da E...
[Mário Martins - Mártio] - [Portugal-Artistas] - [Saturday 24th, April 2010]

Marco Ambrosini Artista Pittore Italia
Mi chiamo Marco Ambrosini , sono nato a Milano il 25 luglio 1965, città dove ancora risiedo e lavoro. Da sempre ho la passione per la pittura , il disegno e l'arte grafica in generale. Spinto da questa passione, dopo essermi diplomato in un istituto tecnico, ho frequentato l'Istituto Europeo di Design nella sede di Milano, conseguendo così il mio s...
[marco ambrosini] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Wednesday 21st, April 2010]

Phil Slattery Artist Painter Texas United States
Phil Slattery I have had an interest in visual art for many years. About two years ago however, I began to experiment with developing my own art after experimenting with altering many of my photographs using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Since then I have been experimenting in abstract art, often toying with the boundary between abstract and representa...
[Phil Slattery] - [United States-Artists] - [Wednesday 21st, April 2010]

Glenda Jarrett - Traditional oil Paintings New Zealand
I am a self-taught, traditional, realistic artist. My work portrays the many different facets and extremities of wilderness and wildlife inspired by New Zealand's beautiful land and seascapes. My finely detailed oil paintings are vibrant and crisp, capturing the true colours and essence of the heart of bush. This is a personal passion and reflectin...
[Glenda Jarrett] - [New Zealand-Artists] - [Monday 12th, April 2010]

Igor Ulanovsky Artist Painter Israel il/ ulanovsky
Was born in 1956 , Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Education: 1983-1984 Studied at External State University of Arts (Alexander Egorov's studio), Moscow, Russia. Experience: 1994 Repatriation to Israel. 1999 Work selected for "The Art Millennium Collection", The Hague, The Netherlands. 1999 Chosen for "2000 Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Ce...
[Igor Ulanovsky] - [Israel-Artists] - [Sunday 11th, April 2010]

Ein Hod Artists' Village, Israel
On the road to Haifa lies Ein Hod, an artists' village on a hill, at the foot of Mount Carmel overlooking the Mediterranean coast, the town of Atlit, and an ancient 12th century crusader fortress. After the War of Independence the area was abandoned and left in ruin. In the fifties, a group of artists led by the acclaimed Dada artist Marcel Janco d...
[Dan Ben-Arye] - [Israel-Artists] - [Sunday 4th, April 2010]

Banderas Enlaces Anuario José Galvan Montmartre Paris Francia
Video of Lidia Koifman Anuario Mundial del artista José Galván. Posibilidad de incluir enlaces, diferentes idiomas y contenido muy interesante. EXCHANGES BANNERS LINKS FREE LA BUTTE MONTMARTRE PARIS FRENCH Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the International Directory of Arts website. If you wish, you may add your link...
[webmaster-montmartre] - [Banderas-José-Galvan] - [Friday 19th, March 2010]

Elven Path Top 100 topsite/ darkelven76/ in.php?ID=...
Elven Path Top 100 World Map
[Elven Path ] - [Root Topsite] - [Monday 15th, March 2010]

Art 4me Art Site United States
The following type of information is available on this site and our many pages: Free links to Museum sites, Theater sites, Artist personal sites, Linking Directory, Graphics, mystical prints, horoscope posters, posters and prints, movie prints, fine art prints, acrylics, Original Paintings, Woodcarver, Woodcarving, Nature Paintings, Paintings of In...
[Terry Frederick] - [United States-Directories] - [Thursday 11th, March 2010]

Sasho Kambourov The World of Paint Magic Bulgaria
Sasho Kambourov, artist Born February 28, 1963. Graduated from the "S.S. Cyril and Methodius" University in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, Department of painting, in 1989. Member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists, affiliated to the IAA/ UNESCO. Chairman of the Group of the Artists in Pleven. Lives and works in Pleven, Bulgaria. Married. One daughter ...
[Sasho Kambourov] - [Bulgaria-Artists] - [Sunday 7th, March 2010]

Gallery Art 2 Business Nederlandse Antillen
Gallery Art 2 Business World Map
[yvonne wolthuis] - [Nederlands Antilles] - [Monday 1st, March 2010]

Antonio Zumaquero Gil Pintor Artístico España
Naci en Malaga en el año 1950, "Auto didacta " mi gran pasion siempre a sido la pintura, desde muy pequeño, pero por un motivo o otro no me pude dedicar, pero ese " gusanillo" siempre a estado dentro de mi , hasta que hace tres años e podido dedicarme de lleno, y le dedico todo mi tiempo, tras hacer cursos de pintura y dibujo y ayudandome de libros...
[Antonio Zumaquero Gil] - [España-Artistas] - [Tuesday 23rd, February 2010]

Manuel Garcia Pintor-Acuarelista Ecuador
MANUEL GARCÍA Pintor-Acuarelista Nace en Píntag-Ecuador ESTUDIOS REALIZADOS Instituto Superior de Artes Plásticas Daniel Reyes, San Antonio de Ibarra Academia Di Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci, Perugia Italia Dibujo Natural con el profesor Giuliano Giuman, Italia Acuarela con el maestro boliviano José Rodríguez Arte Virreinal, Ministerio de Educación, ...
[Manuel Garcia ] - [Ecuador-Artistas] - [Wednesday 17th, February 2010]

Watercolors and Painting From Munich Germany
Birgit Busch geboren und aufgewachsen in Leipzig Lebt und arbeitet in München Grosses Interesse am Zeichnen und Malen und erfolgreiche Ausstellungen schon in frühester Jugend Intensive Studien verschiedener Malmittel und Techniken, anfangs autodidaktisch. Erweiterung der Kenntnisse durch den Besuch von Seminaren. Studien und Malreisen bei verschied...
[Birgit Busch] - [Germany-Künstler] - [Wednesday 17th, February 2010]

Eliseo Allocca, artist Nola Italia
Eliseo Allocca nasce a Cimitile (Na), citta' delle Catacombe, delle Basiliche Paleocristiane, di S. Felice e S. Paolino. Completa gli studi di pittura all'Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli, sotto la guida del Maestro Emilio Notte. Ha tenuto mostre personale a Nola, Avellino, Cassino, Garda, Termoli, Vibo Valentia, New York, Stuttgart, Riccione, Rom...
[Orlando Allocca] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Monday 8th, February 2010]

Welkom op Godfather Toplijst top.asp?site=godfather
Meld uw site aan en de link wordt direct geplaatst na de eerste stem vanuit uw site.als u geen teruglink op uw site plaatst,of later verwijderd dan word de banner op webpagelist ook verwijderd ps een banner van 469 x 60 is verplicht stem ook op u eigen banner wandt dan blijf u er in staan dank u wel World Map Meld uw site aan en de link wordt ...
[webmaster-montmartre] - [Root Topsite] - [Tuesday 2nd, February 2010]

Russian Nostalgic Impressionism
Veselovsky Valery was born August 27, 1964 in Moskow. Since 1981, he paints. Was engaged at first in art studios. In 1990 by default has finished faculty of easel painting and drawing of a Publicity University of Arts in Moscow. In 2002 to year enters creative association of artists of Southern district of Moscow 'Artist', in 2005 in the Moscow ass...
[Veselovsky Valery] - [Russia-Artists] - [Thursday 7th, January 2010]

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