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Claudio Goldini - Goldini Studio Argentina
Claudio Goldini (1942), Plastic Artist and Medicine Doctor lives in Buenos Aires, he has an outstanding career in expressionism in Argentina. Raúl Santana, former director of the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, said from Goldini´s paints in 1995: '...Undoubtedly expressionist, his work renders visions that are the result of powerful subjectiv...
[Claudio Goldini] - [Argentina-Artistas] - [Wednesday 24th, January 2007]

Mike Elliott Artist Scotland index.htm
Artist's Biography The natural world has provided a rich and exciting pallet for Mike's African Wildlife Art during his journeys to over 20 countries in four continents. The South African bush was the spark that ignited his serious painting in 1985 a...
[Mike Elliott] - [Scotland-Artists] - [Sunday 21st, January 2007]

Abstract interctive painting Italia
A art gallery and a contemporary site of painting in a modern and innovative style. It is possible to make interactive painting and there is a shop of painting and art prints too. Kho Sante' is a painter that live in Bologna. In the site there is the...
[Kho Sante'] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Sunday 21st, January 2007]

Arte Digital Gustavo Travaglini Argentina arte_digital/ pagin...
Nacionalidad: Argentino Fecha de Nacimiento 13/ 5/ 1965 Lugar de residencia: Buenos Aires, Capital. Profesión: Gráfico Disciplina: Arte Digital Estudios secundarios: Técnico Industrial Práctica laboral en fotografía industrial, publicitaria y diseño gráfico. Cursos de Diseño Tridimensional y Animacion en Training Center de Autodesk. Carrera de Diseño...
[Gustavo Travaglini] - [Argentina-Artistas] - [Saturday 20th, January 2007]

Rhythm Of Life Gallery England gallery.html
  Online gallery featuring art by Scottish abstract colourist Colin Thoms and London painter Sebastian Horsley. Art Links. Colin Thoms To view the full collection click on the link above. All sizes are in inches. For more information and pricing plea...
[paul] - [England-Artists] - [Friday 19th, January 2007]

Porto em Fotografia António Amen Portugal
PORTO EM FOTOGRAFIA - PORTO IN PHOTOGRAPHY Breve História da Cidade do Porto A área ocupada hoje pelo Porto foi cenário da vida humana desde o Paleolítico superior. Não existe ainda consenso onde surgiu o núcleo da antiga cidade inserindo-se aqui o p...
[António Amen] - [Portugal-Portal] - [Thursday 28th, December 2006]

Rainbow's Edge Art Gallery United States
" I OPENED THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION AND THE VISIONS FELL OUT" ~ Irene Czarnecki Although mostly self taught, Irene's formal art education includes private instructions and studies at Pierce College where she received the Leventhal Achievement Awards in both Fine Art and Graphics. Additionally, Irene has attended art classes at Every Woman's...
[Irene Nowicki] - [United States-Artists] - [Wednesday 27th, December 2006]

Lucy Arnold Artist Painter United States
I was born in Texas, USA. Most of my life I have lived in California. I attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, and graduated in 1976. My first art job was painting needlepoint canvases for a shop in San Francisco during one summer of high school. After graduating from college, I began my own needlepoint designing company and sold hand...
[Lucy Arnold] - [United States-Artists] - [Friday 22nd, December 2006]

Original watercolours by Shelley Malcolm Canada
Thank you for taking the time to explore my paintings. I currently reside in Woodstock , Ontario , Canada where I create original abstract paintings in my home studio under the business name, Quiet Crescent Art. My present medium is watercolour which I use to create paintings that offer a unique blend of colour, design and transparency. Two phrases...
[Shelley Malcolm] - [Canada-Artists] - [Sunday 10th, December 2006]

Gianfranco Maletti Artista Collage Italia
   Biografia Gianfranco Maletti è nato nel '45, nel vicentino, e da molti anni vive a Vimodrone.  Dopo essersi dilettato per molto tempo con la fotografia, ha scelto di realizzare opere artistiche manipolando la carta (collage). Ha conseguito il dipl...
[Gianfranco Maletti] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Sunday 3rd, December 2006]

Lucia Gaudenzi Sculptor and Painter Italia
TERRAVIVA, sculptures and objects in clay ..but also drawings and paintings Everything handmade, every piece is unique Personally I never fully understood the definition of the word 'art', it's elusive, and maybe there's more than one..   The only th...
[Lucia Gaudenzi] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Wednesday 29th, November 2006]

The Art World of Claude Buckley United States
The Art World of Claude Buckley Claude Buckley's artwork hangs in private, public and corporate collections , in three continents. Among these, stand out the art collections of the Historical Society for the U.S. Court of Appeals , of Washington DC, and that of Milliken and Company Textile Mills. World Map The Art World of Claude Buckley Clau...
[Buckley ] - [United States-Artists] - [Tuesday 21st, November 2006]

Guido Vedovato Naive Art Gallery Italia
Guido Vedovato, born in 1961 in Vicenza, north-east of Italy. He is a self-taught painter and sculptor in naive style, beginning its painter-career since the middle of the seventies, and he started its first exhibitions in 1986. Its paints are inspir...
[Guido Vedovato] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Monday 20th, November 2006]

Izabella - Bogdan Orzelski-Konikowski Canada
Izabella Orzelski-Konikowski & Bogdan Koral Konikowski Proud to be a part of a small group of artists carrying on the tradition of classical figure and portrait painting, their preference is evidently oils above all other mediums. In their opinion, no other paint allows so many possibilities in variation of color and tone, and no other medium allow...
[ARTIZA] - [Canada-Artists] - [Saturday 18th, November 2006]

Famous Yugoslav Naive Art
  Mile Davidovic Artist Painter   Mile Davidovic, citizen of the world, born on November 18 th in the sign of the zodiac as a double Scorpio in the area of former Yugoslavia in the nearby vicinity of the village Hlebine, world known for the School of...
[Mile Davidovic] - [Serbia-Artists] - [Thursday 16th, November 2006]

Art - by Daryl Price New Zealand
Hello, I'm Daryl Price, Artist   I have always painted , the last ten years fulltime.  Thick paint, influenced by the 'impressionists' seems to be from where my style has evolved over the years, the effects of light are endlessly fascinating to me an...
[Daryl Price] - [New Zealand-Artists] - [Monday 13th, November 2006]

Abstract art informel by Robert Carbonell España
Robert Carbonell Born in Barcelona 1966 - Contemporary abstract paintings from a Barcelona artist exploring oil, acrylic, mixed-media, and collage. " Robert Carbonell investigates in the expressiveness of the matter, to which he awards character, but also it he, inoculates lyricism, capacity of perception beyond the limits, thanks to the suppor...
[Robert Carbonell] - [España-Artistas] - [Sunday 15th, October 2006]

Vladimira Knüsel Artist Painter Switzerland index.htm
Vladimira Knüsel Artist Painter Vladimira Knüsel was born in 1959 in Czech Republic. Since 1993 she lives in Switzerland. She studies, works and follows the artistic activity. Already from infancy she is fascinated of the nature and of the faces of the peoples. Nowadays she revives it in her creations. In course of time she also finds the inspirati...
[Vladimira Knüsel] - [Switzerland-Artists] - [Saturday 7th, October 2006]

Artur Braginsky Artist Painter Ukraine
ARTHUR, born on June 25,1965 inMukachevo. In 1982 graduated from Mukachevo art school. Later studied in Lviv I. Fedorov polygraphic Institute. Since 1987 to 1989 has been working as a lights artist in regional philharmonic (Uzhgorod), later - in Russian dramatic theater as a decorator (properties artist). Arthur Braginsky is a relatively young arti...
[Arthur Braginsky] - [Ukraine-Artists] - [Friday 6th, October 2006]

Josey Pandera Box Judy's Paintings Canada
Hi, my name is Judy Josey and I am from Halifax, Nova Scotia ,Canada . Nova Scotia is a beautiful province on the most eastern shore of Canada , with many miles of Atlantic Ocean hitting our shoreline. I have always loved art and started to learn to paint in September of 1999 , starting with books on learning how to sketch,that my son ,Angus,bought...
[Judy Josey ] - [Canada-Artists] - [Friday 6th, October 2006]

Ulf Ljungberg Artist Painter Sweden
Galleri Ljungberg My name is Ulf Ljungberg. I´m a swedish painter living in Gothenburg. Have studied in Falkenbergs Artschool for 2 years. Taken private lessons 1,5 year for a professional artist, Reginald Hager in Gothenburg. Right now I´m studying ...
[Ulf Ljungberg] - [Sweden-Artists] - [Sunday 1st, October 2006]

JoAn Greinert Artist Painter United States ECFAC.htm
JoAn Greinert My name is JoAn Greinert, welcome to my art gallery. I bid you Namasté, an ancient Sanskrit blessing meaning: 'I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides.' I would like to take you on a journey in to a world of Spiritual symbolic sight through my artwork. Come with me beyond the physical sight and realm of interpre...
[JoAn Greinert ] - [United States-Artists] - [Thursday 28th, September 2006]

Oscar Durand United States
Website of Oscar Durand, Realist painter from Manchester,New Hampshire, USA. Landscapes, still life's and figurative studies done in the old school method of realistic painting. Mood and emotion are an important element of this work. Oscar uses the effect of light to emphasize the center of interest in his paintings. Although influenced by the old ...
[Oscar Durand] - [United States-Artists] - [Saturday 2nd, September 2006]

Heinz-Jürgen Gerstmann alias Maler Roevel Deutschland
Biografie: Maler Roevel Heinz-Jürgen Gerstmann alias Roevel, 1944 in Köln geboren, verließ 1990 seine Heimatstadt und lebt seitdem in ländlicher Umgebung zwischen Köln und Aachen. Viele persönliche Gründe führten vor einigen Jahren dazu, daß der gelernte Typograph und Inhaber einer Druckerei sein Leben von Grund auf änderte. Nach einem hektischen B...
[Heinz-Jürgen Gerstmann] - [Germany-Künstler] - [Thursday 24th, August 2006]

Jim Fogarty Graphics Orkney
Basically, I am a 'doodler'. My favourite medium is graphite pencil but I am getting daring in my old age and playing about with paint now too! My site shows some of my more recent work and marks my first tentative 'dabblings' as a serious artist. Jim Fogarty Cletts Eastside South Ronaldsay Orkney KW17 2TJ World Map Basically, I am a 'doodler'. ...
[Jim Fogarty] - [Orkney-Artists] - [Tuesday 22nd, August 2006]

Art Gallery.Amir&Svetlana Russia
Amir Timergaleev Born in 1955. Lives and works in Moscow. Graduated the Suricov Art Institute. A member of the Artists Union. Amir Timergaleev as an artist and personality has long been named among the major figures of the latest european art trend. ...
[Amir&Svetlana] - [Russia-Artists] - [Sunday 20th, August 2006]

Cartoon Art by Andrey Feldshteyn United States
Andrey Feldshteyn is a gag cartoonist and book illustrator from Minnesota. He was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and moved to the US in 1993. His latest feature - a cartoon series HELLOGOODBYE is a set of strange stories drawn in a single panel format. His list of awards does include the Grand Prize at the Annual Homer Davenport International Ca...
[Andrey Feldshteyn] - [United States-Artists] - [Sunday 20th, August 2006]

José Javier Cabello-Galería Virtual España
José Javier Cabello Galería personal de pintura del artista José Javier Cabello, pintor de formación totalmente autodidacta, con trabajos principalmente en óleo y acrílico en su mayoría, además de acuarela y pastel. En esta galería virtual podrás visualizar la mayoría de sus obras desde 1998 en adelante. Muchas de ellas se encuentran repartidas en ...
[José Javier Cabello] - [España-Artistas] - [Tuesday 15th, August 2006]

Giuseppe Cascella Artisti Pittore Italia clicks/ banner_statistich...
Giuseppe Cascella Un cordiale Saluto dal Maestro Cascella. Sono un umile artista, impegnato nella pittura e l'arte del presepe. Da ormai diversi anni utilizzo internet per allargare la mia conoscenza dell'arte, la poesia e tutto quello che l'animo um...
[Giuseppe Cascella ] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Thursday 3rd, August 2006]

Arte de Martín La Spina Argentina
Sitio Oficial del artista plástico argentino Martín La Spina un extenso archivo de imágenes de su obra: pinturas, dibujos, arte en vidrio e ilustración. Su trabajo reúne elementos del surrealismo con un misticismo muy personal, recreando los clásicos de la Historia del Arte en una atmósfera onírica e inquietante. Además: críticas a la obra, traye...
[Martín La Spina] - [Argentina-Artistas] - [Thursday 22nd, June 2006]

Anziani e i Fiori di Bach Italia index.html
    L'uomo di Bach non ha età. E condivide con la Naturopatia uno dei principi fondamentali su cui questa si basa: la valorizzazione dell'uomo nella sua totalità di mente-corpo-spirito e individualità al di là di ogni distinzione generazionale. In qu...
[ANZIANI] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Monday 22nd, May 2006]

Botanical Art by Ann Swan England
Ann Swan contemporary botanical art, one of the UK's leading botanical artists specialising in pencil and coloured pencil drawings of flowers and plants. Limited edition prints, greetings cards, workshops, tableware and giftware available . Ann studi...
[Ann Swan] - [England-Artists] - [Monday 22nd, May 2006]

ANGELO MAZZOLENI Art -Paintings Italia
ANGELO MAZZOLENI ART-ITALY Art and search in paintings off Angelo Mazzoleni , artist italian .!00 images works on the website official: memories if infancy, primordial forces , new sincretic art and new lasts sperimentations. Angelo Mazzoleni was bom...
[MAZZOLENI ANGELO] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Sunday 21st, May 2006]

Antonino Turano Artisti Pittore Italia
Antonino Turano Antonino Turano è nato a S. Margherita di Belice, in Sicilia, in seguito al terremoto del ’68 è venuto a Roma per studiare Scenografia all’accademia di Belle Arti. Per la sua attività di pittore ha esposto in Italia in mostre personali e collettive le sue storie a fumetti: Stones e Tvgames sono state pubblicate a strisce, mensilmen...
[Antonino Turano] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Wednesday 17th, May 2006]

Enrico zingaretti Artisti Pittore Italia
      Enrico zingaretti BIOGRAFIA   Nato a Roma nel 1959. Esperto Informatico e Professionista nella  Televisione. L'avventura artistica  inizia nei primi anni '80  in concomitanza con la professione di tecnico del colore per  film, sceneggiati e pub...
[Enrico zingaretti] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Saturday 13th, May 2006]

[MONTMARTRE FRANCIA] - [Engines-Research] - [Friday 12th, May 2006]

Serhiy Kolyada Underground Ukrainian Artist Ukraine
GOOD NEWS! Today you have a possibility to see my art pieces exhibited in US. Visit please "State of the Arts Gallery" in Sarasota, Florida, USA. Special thanks to Kai Prescher, Kip Skapyak and David Steiner who helped to organize the exhibition. You can contact David Steiner, the Gallery owner, at or visit the Gallery: Sta...
[SERHIY KOLYADA ] - [Ukraine-Artists] - [Sunday 30th, April 2006]

Wytske van de Kamp Artist Painter Netherlands startpagina.htm
Wytske van de Kamp is geboren (1946) en getogen in Dordrecht, alwaar zij beroepsmatig werkt als beeldend kunstenaar. Haar opleiding volgde zij o.a. aan de Vrije Academie te Rotterdam. Haar veelzijdige schildertalent, artistieke intuïtie, bijzondere kleurgevoeligheid, diepe beleving van de schoonheid der natuur, maken haar tot een bezield kunstenare...
[Wytske van de Kamp] - [Netherlands-Artiesten] - [Sunday 30th, April 2006]

Lynn Roberts: Artist & Frame Historian England
  I specialize in highly-finished coloured pencil drawings (portraits and caricatures, flower and subject paintings), and also work in oils and acrylic, watercolour and pen- and -ink. My work has been shown at the annual exhibitions of the Pastel Soc...
[Lynn Roberts] - [England-Artists] - [Thursday 27th, April 2006]

Art Gallery - Graphic Arts United States
Online Graphics Art Gallery Graphic Arts, Web Site Design and Marketing Services On-line graphic arts galleries exhibiting computer art from freehand drawings, Photoshop and Bryce 3D images, and photographs. Buy limited edition prints or purchase artistic business cards. Shop and compare prices on graphic arts and web design services. Free original...
[Dan Williams] - [United States-Gallery] - [Wednesday 26th, April 2006]

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