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Astronomical, Atmospheric and Traditional Art United States index.html
Astronomical, Atmospheric and Traditional Art, Greeting Cards, Graphic Services and Art Products of Julie Rodriguez Jones Julie offers a variety of fine art, greeting cards and a wealth of digital graphic serivces and creative applications. Award winning art for business and personal use. Call toll free, world wide via Skype: jrjones714. World M...
[Julie Rodriguez Jones] - [United States-Artists] - [Friday 24th, March 2006]

Art2Art Publications Hamish Grant England index.htm
HAMISH GRANT Art2Art Publications The function of this website is to promote the sale of limited edition prints of the work of Hamish Grant, to promote the co-operation of fellow Artists residing in the area and to offer a professional framing service to local residents and Artists at a cost effective price.... Our Head Quarters and Residence which...
[Hamish Grant] - [England-Artists] - [Wednesday 15th, March 2006]

Olga Pavlova.Professional Artist Moldova
Olga Pavlova Born Oct. 2, 1972 in Chisinau, Moldova. I am the third child of my parents. Art is in my genes!. The walls of my parents home were the canvas of my creative expression even before I learnt to walk. Bachelor Degree in FineArts, Fine Arts Faculty, University of Chisinau, Moldova.1996. Have participated in professional development program...
[Olga Pavlova] - [Moldova-Artists] - [Wednesday 8th, March 2006]

Pietrevive - Rock Painting art Italia
Ciao, mi chiamo Ernestina e vivo a Cesenatico. Mi dedico alla pittura sui sassi dal 1996. Fin da bambina ho avuto una spiccata propensione per le attività creative : amavo disegnare, dipingere, modellare con la creta. Nel mio percorso scolastico, per...
[Ernestina Gallina] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Monday 27th, February 2006]

Carole Estrup Gallery & Bookstore United States
CAROLE ESTRUP Carole Estrup began her career as a fashion artist where she learned the discipline which enables her to create every day. But her true love has always been painting. She achieved her first successes with ambitious mythological sub- jects but soon evolved to more personal explorations in portraiture and figure studies. Gradually, as h...
[jansen estrup] - [United States-Artists] - [Sunday 19th, February 2006]

Christopher English's Symbolist Paintings and Poetry Page ~c.english/ index.html
Background of Christopher English I was born in 1950 in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. In 1951 my mother, brother and myself went to live in Tripoli, North Africa, where my father was doing his national service in the army. In 1953 I had a head injury, falling from a third storey window. After emergency surgery in Tripoli, I was transferred t...
[Christopher English] - [England-Artists] - [Saturday 18th, February 2006]

PLEASE STEP INTO MY QUARTER TO HAVE A FRIENDLY TALK WITH MY MOSAIC WORKS! PERSONAL DETAILS Lady Magdalene Theocharis was born in 1954 in Lamia,Greece. She currently lives and works in Athens where she has a private workshop. ART STUDIES For many years, Magdalene Theocharis studied mosaic art combining her theoretical grounding with the mastery of t...
[Magdalene Theocharis] - [Greece-Artists] - [Wednesday 15th, February 2006]

Rinske Dietz ceramist & painter Netherlands ~famdietz
Rinske Dietz ceramist and painter Kozakkenweg 8 3881 MG Putten the Netherlands about Rinske As member of an ancient pottersfamily Rinske Dietz is a self-taught ceramist and painter. She worked in artgalleries and -studios and used to write reviews ab...
[Rinske Dietz] - [Netherlands-Artiesten] - [Tuesday 14th, February 2006]

Francid L.Ruiz Artista Pintor España
Francid L.R Cada una de mis obras tiene un componente primitivo en su creación,trato siempre de capturar una sensación,el más mínimo lapso y todo lo que me proporcione una emoción instantanea,(nada indeleble)esa es mi filosofía,¡La sintesis del segundo!,así puedo componer los colores de la tierra,de las piedras,de la zona primitiva de una idea.De ...
[Francid L.R] - [España-Artistas] - [Monday 13th, February 2006]

Drago DOSEN Art New Zealand ~dosen/
Drago DOSEN Art New Zealand I was born on October 15th, 1943 in Brezicani near Prijedor, in the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina. I was known as an academic painter in old Yugoslavia. I enjoyed high acclaim in Europe especially in the country of my bir...
[Drago Dosen] - [New Zealand-Artists] - [Monday 13th, February 2006]

Fine watercolour art by UK artist Mike Dermody ENGLAND index.htm
Fine watercolour art by UK artist Mike Dermody ENGLAND At present my collection is not very large, however, it is updated as soon as new paintings are ready. I do not specialize in any particular subject and will paint anything that takes my fancy. T...
[Mike Dermody] - [England-Artists] - [Sunday 12th, February 2006]

  Oil-Painting Prints on Canvas   All the painting being sold here are duplicated with high technique of emulation.  The prints are duplicated directly on the artist's canvas. The natural texture of  canvas gives the prints the exact looking and feel...
[Miss zhangjing ] - [China-Artists] - [Sunday 12th, February 2006]

   Chen Jiqun was born in China, 1947.  He attended the Art School Attached to the Central Academy of Fine Arts from 1963 to 1967 and advanced studies at the Xu Beihong Art Studio of the Central Academy of Fine Arts from 1985 to 1987. He began his ar...
[CHEN JIQUN] - [China-Artists] - [Saturday 11th, February 2006]

Rudi Carstens - The Artist of Johannesburg sart-carstens.htm
About Rudi Carstens - The Artist of Johannesburg Welcome to my website. By setting up this website I am now able to offer you my high quality oil paintings at extremely reduced rates. When you buy paintings from this website you buy directly from me and there is no art galleries or art agents involved. Traditionally paintings are sold t...
[Rudi Carstens ] - [Africa-South-Artists] - [Saturday 4th, February 2006]

Peter Jean Caley Artist Painter New Zealand
Home of Peter Jean Caley, New Zealand international artist, who works with Oil on canvas.Mainly known for his NZ Maori portraits and cultural works but also paints. Peter Jean Caley was born in Aotearoa (New Zealand), and is from the 'Ngai Tahu - Kati Huirapa', Maori tribe. Peter has had a love of painting since childhood and showed this from the a...
[Peter Jean Caley] - [New Zealand-Artists] - [Friday 3rd, February 2006]

HAROLD BERGLUND – Still Life Painter – Sundbyberg, Sweden
HAROLD BERGLUND - STILL LIFE PAINTER In my paintings I try to capture all the shifts and nuances of colour in dynamic still life compositions of form, space, light and shadow. Visit my web site for lots of pictures, biographical notes and thoughts. Hi! Welcome to my website! I am an artist and I mostly paint still lifes. I explain why on the page "...
[HAROLD BERGLUND] - [Sweden-Artists] - [Tuesday 31st, January 2006]

Sonja Benskin Mesher Artist Painter North Wales index.asp
Sonja Benskin Mesher Artist Painter North Wales There is a sensual rhythmic quality to the work that suits me just fine...." My studio is in a medieval longhouse in Llanelltyd, North Wales surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers, and also very near to the sea. I moved here in 1993 to change the quality and direction of my life. This ancient ...
[Sonja Benskin Mesher] - [Wales-Artists] - [Monday 30th, January 2006]

The Art of Georgette Backs Canada
The Art of Georgette Backs Georgette Backs is native of New Brunswick, Canada, where she was born on Heron Island. Her parents were the lighthouse keepers on this beautiful, now uninhabited island in the Baie des Chaleurs. For those interested, she has written about the 19 years that her parents kept the light on Heron Island, as part of a site ded...
[Georgette Backs] - [Canada-Artists] - [Friday 27th, January 2006]

Marilyn Andrews Gallery New Zealand Galleries/ Landscapes...
Marilyn Andrews Gallery 221 Brook Street, Nelson New Zealand Vibrant, expressive art by New Zealand artist Marilyn Andrews Marilyn Andrews Artist, Diploma in Visual Art, Certificate in Art and Design. NMIT Painter, Sculptor and creator of other artistic follies. World Map Marilyn Andrews Gallery 221 Brook Street, Nelson New Zealand Vibrant, e...
[Marilyn Andrews] - [New Zealand-Artists] - [Friday 27th, January 2006]

Igor Moshkin - The Honored Artist of Russia
Biography of The Honored Artist oF Russia Igor MOSHKIN Igor Moshkin’s creative work is dedicated to the Russian North: Polar marines, nature and northern animals. Igor Moshkin was born in Rybinsk in March, 29, 1948. In 1973 Mr. Moshkin graduated from...
[Igor MOSHKIN] - [Russia-Artists] - [Thursday 26th, January 2006]

The Alchemical Wedding:The Visionary Art of David Aronson United States
David Aronson's quirky, offbeat drawings, paintings and illustration combine traditional media such as watercolor, ink, graphite and colored pencil with digital media and digital collage. His work ranges from whimsical to fantastic, from highly stylized to realistically rendered, and has been called unique and highly imaginative. It mixes lowbrow w...
[David Aronson] - [United States-Artists] - [Thursday 26th, January 2006]

Nauras Mijn kunstenaars naam is Nauras. Geb. 01-07-1972 te Halebja in Kurdistan- Irak. Gehuwd, 2 dochters. In april 199 ontving ik de A status als politieke vluchteling. In 2004 ben ik genaturaliseerd tot Nederlander. In 1998 kwam ik hier als vluchte...
[Nauras] - [Netherlands-Artiesten] - [Wednesday 18th, January 2006]

Van Oostzanen - Paintings. Fine Art Netherlands
Peter van Oostzanen was born in the Netherlands in 1962. As a self-taught artist he began showing his artwork to the public after the turn of the century. Very soon galleries and art collectors became interested in his work, and now more and more peo...
[Peter van Oostzanen] - [Netherlands-Artiesten] - [Thursday 22nd, December 2005]

Veronica Anfimova Ве Анa Kazan-city, Russian Federation html/ plus/ explorer.htm
  Ит, зд ид ре. И эт, я ду, но. :) По ка не то са, но и са мы по из. Хо ка бы.. И ВО, ощ у ме та, чт жи я на са де мн ко жи, а не од бо. Ра я ещ и в ра ме.. Во. И вс эт 'Я' - ра ра и вз - оп ка по ме. А по и оп вс ме од св ра ну ни не по. Вс (и в лю ...
[Veronica Anfimova] - [Russia-Artists] - [Tuesday 20th, December 2005]

Oil paintings Art of Symbolism Netherlands html/ banner_engl.html
Biography Emile Snellen van Vollenhoven Emile was born in 1956 in The Hague, The Netherlands a few moths after his parents were dispelled from Indonesia. His mother came from Solo, Java, his Dutch father was born in Padang, Sumatra and worked as an a...
[Emile Snellen v Vollenhoven] - [Netherlands-Artiesten] - [Tuesday 20th, December 2005]

RaffaeledaVinci Poesia - Fotografia .. ITALIA
R a f f a e l e d a V i n c i   Poesia, Fotografia, Cucina e Scuola - Titolo RaffaeledaVinci  World Map R a f f a e l e d a V i n c i   Poesia, Fotografia, Cucina e Scuola - Titolo RaffaeledaVinci  World Map
[Raffaeleda Vinci] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Friday 16th, December 2005]

Milan's Sculpture & Chalk Sculpture INDIA links.html
Sculpture & Chalk Sculpture An Online Gallery of Milan Sengupta's Sculpture and Chalk Sculpture of realistic portraits ,figures & compositions including nudes & seminudes. Here you will be seeing Chalk Sculpture & Sculpture by Milan Sengupta. The sculptor feels that his works will be worth some thing if you get the slightest feeling of joy while vi...
[Milan Sengupta] - [India-Artists] - [Tuesday 13th, December 2005]

Eloisa Benítez Artista Pintora Argentina-Bolivia default.htm
Bienvenido a la pagina web de la artista Eloisa Benítez . Nacida en Argentina, reside actualmente en Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Su pagina recoge alguna de las obras mas significantes. Si desea adquirir alguna de ellas no dude en contactarnos, nos será grato atenderle como bien tiene merecido. Si desea intercambiar un link con nosotros, no du...
[Eloisa Benítez] - [Bolivia-Artistas] - [Sunday 4th, December 2005]

Ellen de Groot Artist Painter Netherlands
Ellen de Groot Selfportrait Bride, 97x63cm, 2002 The depiction of women is the most important theme in my work. Furthermore the painting of  tissue and the qualtity of cloth-materials is of considerable importance. After a foundation course in Art an...
[Ellen de Groot] - [Netherlands-Artiesten] - [Saturday 3rd, December 2005]

MUSEO CRUZ HERRERA ESPAÑA José Cruz Herrera nace a la una de la tarde del día 1 de octubre de '1890 en la Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz). Es bautizado, con el nombre de José María Remigio, el día 18 del mismo mes por don Francisco de Paula Contreras Martel, coadjutor de la parroquia de la Inmaculada. Actuaron de padrino del neófito dos tíos carnale...
[José Cruz Herrera] - [España-Museo] - [Monday 14th, November 2005]

DIRECTORY ARTS JOSE GALVAN Home Directory United States 1. Allinto Artist Portfolio home artists artwork contents about jose galvan JOSE GALVAN ARTIST PAINTER MONTMARTRE In Remembrance of portrait artist Jos?b Galvan (1910-2001). Paris Montmartre. Ma...
[SEARCH SIGHT] - [Engines-Research] - [Thursday 10th, November 2005]

Art Gallery-TOPALSKI-Fine Arts Serbia
Darko Topalski - Biography Born in Novi Sad, Serbia, May 21. 1976. Showed interests in drawing, painting and photography from very early stage which are persistently developed. Putting aside the formal education so as not to restrict himself, he atte...
[Darko Topalski] - [Serbia-Artists] - [Wednesday 26th, October 2005]

By Tucson Artist Painter Leonore Marie United States
Southwest Interpretations by Tucson artist Leonore Marie ' And my aim in my life is to make paintings, as many and as well as I can then, at the end of my life, I hope to pass away, looking back with love and tender regret, and thinking, 'Oh, the pictures I might have made!'' (from a letter by Vincent Van Gogh) About the artis...
[Leonore Marie] - [United States-Artists] - [Wednesday 26th, October 2005]

Gallery Art Digital-Matix Brazil
Website Description: Original paintings on Rosicrucian themes and human drama, Peace and Astronomy, created by the Rosicrucian Artist Bro. Vicente Velado (hermit), Abbot of Ordo Svmmvm Bonvm for the Third World. Includes portraits of all principal Mystics. Now featuring the special series " Masters of War" and " Sidereal Space" (c...
[DIGITAL-MATRIX] - [Brazil-Artistas] - [Tuesday 11th, October 2005]

John N. Stewart Artist Painter California United States
Paintings by California artist John N. Stewart. John is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and an artist member of The California Art Club. He is an artist/ collector and has a separate gallery where he sells early California and some European works. World Map John Norman Stewart (1940 - ) Born inSan Bernardino,Californiain 1...
[John N. Stewart] - [United States-Artists] - [Friday 7th, October 2005]

ArFact International Gallery United States - Belorussia main.htm
Gallery Art Fact U.S.A BELORUSSIA Contemporary Fine Art and Sculptires by Sergey Zhilevich, Viktor Saganovich, Eugeny Kuznetsov, Izya Shlosberg, etc....... World Map Gallery Art Fact U.S.A BELORUSSIA Contemporary Fine Art and Sculptires by Sergey Zhilevich, Viktor Saganovich, Eugeny Kuznetsov, Izya Shlosberg, etc....... About ArtFact Group...
[Izya Shlosberg] - [United States-Artists] - [Thursday 6th, October 2005]

Erotic Fantasy Art Preview Gallery Québec
Here's a preview of our beautiful sexy girls, girls in thongs, beach babes, tiny thongs, girls on the beach and more, all Erotic Fantasy Art is free here. For Nudity, Erotica, Naked Animations, Full-Sized Pics (of these and a lot More Girls ) please visit our Members' Gallery. Remember, New pictures and animations are added often, so bookmark us an...
[Virginia Foley] - [Canada-Artists] - [Wednesday 5th, October 2005]

Massimo Nardi Artista Pittore ITALIA Pub/
Massimo Nardi Bari, 1963 Massimo Nardi, nato a Bari il 05/ 09/ 1963, si è diplomato al Liceo Artistico di Lucca, ha conseguito la Maturità di Maestro della Ceramica a Bari, si è specializzato nella scenografia lavorando con il Teatro Petruzzelli realiz...
[Massimo Nardi] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Wednesday 5th, October 2005]

Glenn Zlanabitnig Artist Painter United States zlano/
Glenn Zlanabitnig Artist Painter Artist’s Statement I’ve been involved with the visual arts all my life. Creating images is something that just seemed to come naturally to me. Over the years I’ve tried many varied mediums, though until recent years, the bulk of my commissioned works have been in oils. I must say that I like the richness of the colo...
[Glenn Zlanabitnig] - [United States-Artists] - [Monday 3rd, October 2005]

Moores Art Gallery United States
Original and custom color pencil artwork, photography and design by artist Carol Moore. Specializing in animals, floral, landscape, historical, fantasy and mystical portraits. Artist Biography Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one' ~Stella Adler~ Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion fo...
[Carol Moore] - [United States-Artists] - [Saturday 1st, October 2005]

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