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József Lantos Artist Painter Hungary
&bdquo A festészet, a rajz meghatározó volt az életemben! Tanultam alkalmazott grafikát és számtógépes grafikát Bécsben. Festészetet is tanultam ugyan ott. Nem tudtam befejezni a tanulmányaimat. Haza jöttem és nagy lapoknál dolgoztam, mint szerkesztő, majd 16 évig a KNER Nyomdának voltam külsős tervezője. Közel 12 évig volta m értékpapír tervező. S...
[József Lantos] - [Hungary-Artists] - [Saturday 17th, January 2015]

Artist Leonore Marie Greenberg Tucson United States leonore
Birth: Mar. 4, 1927, USA Death: May 22, 2011 Arizona, USA Leonore Greenberg ("Lee", née Leonore Marie Farkash) died after a short illness on May 22, 2011. She lived for her art and for creating beauty in this world. Born on March 4, 1927 and raised in the Bronx, Leonore moved to New Jersey and raised a family while pursuing her art, then free as a ...
[Mitch Greenberg] - [United States-Artists] - [Saturday 10th, January 2015]

Violeta King Artist Painter Estonia
Я художник ,пишу картины маслом... Своё предпочтение я отдала:классицизму и сюрреализму с элементами романтизма и конечно фэнтези. Искусство я трактую как средство для отображения внутреннего мира творца. Мои картины я пишу с любовью,нежностью,добротой. Моё хобби:стихи...я включаю их в дополнение к своим работам. Прекрасный друг мой , я так ждала т...
[Violeta King] - [Estonia-Artists] - [Tuesday 23rd, December 2014]

Robert Keseru Artist Painter Italia
AMBITIONS/ AIMS By creating questions with my painting, I am looking for my place in the world. My target to achieve other persons, groups or organisations, who share the passion of my kind of Art, help me to introduce my works, and let discuss about them. PROFESSIONAL AND PROFILE I was born in 1979 under the Socialism inHungary. I studied architec...
[Robert Keseru] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Monday 22nd, December 2014]

Art-Montmartre Paris French MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR artists-gallery-artscad-fren...
MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my beloved friends, i wish you for 2014 CREATIVITY - LOVE and HEALTH. Video Lidia Kofman WELCOME Exchange Link Free-Gratuit 7PDPEosmhs International rq2QPvzavC France QIVrHQWp4l - Montmartre (@ArtMontmartre) 28 septembre 2014 World Map
[Art-Montmartre Paris French] - [French-Montmartre-Paris] - [Saturday 6th, December 2014]

[Replication or Save Conflict]
Csonka Ibolya Artist Painter Hungary artists-page-2/ csonka-ib...
Csonka Ibolya's art is rooted in Hungarian history and the beauty of the Hungarian landscape. Her works express the unity of time and space. carefully wrought, rich in colour and profoundly thoughtful, her art is informed with light, and excluded faith, hope and love. Her icons are testimonials: to the nobility and dignity of man, and the mistery o...
[Csonka Ibolya] - [Hungary-Artists] - [Monday 1st, December 2014]

Andre Abge - Artist of Photographie, Airbrush, Painting, Digital arts
Andre Abge - Artist of Photographie, Airbrush, Painting, Digital arts #MONTMARTRE #PARIS Andre Abge - Artist of Photographie, Airbrush, Painting, Digital arts https:/ / UufvpRO7Je https:/ / UufvpRO7Je orvQN5TvVk - Montmartre (@ArtMontmartre) 26 novembre 2016 WELCOME Exchange Link Free-Gratuit 7PDPEosmhs Internation...
[Andre Abge] - [Germany-Künstler] - [Friday 28th, November 2014]

Gönczy Rozália Administrator of Page Artists Painter Hungary Facebook
Gönczy Rozália Administrator of Page Artists Painter Hungary Facebook Dear Rozalia! Thank you very much for your work! You are showing the world the great artists from your country. You make of a small Facebook page a great presentation to the artists. I wish that this presentation will spread all over the world and will amaze every one! #ARTS #MON...
[Gönczy Rozália] - [Hungary-Artists] - [Thursday 20th, November 2014]

International Union of artists of Estonia macrame/ INTUNION.html
International Union of artists of Estonia International Artists `Union is a non-profit organization Enriches the organization IAU members by Offering a variety of services. Special programs and activities are exhibitions from local and national Which our membership can benefit. We offer workshop Opportunities, critique sessions and tours. Not least...
[International Union of artists of Estonia] - [Estonia-International-Union-of-artists] - [Thursday 13th, November 2014]

[Replication or Save Conflict]
Elina Gerodes Artist Estonia
Elina Gerodes was born on the 18th of April,1978, inLeningrad(i.e. St.Petersburg), in a cool and cloudy typical St.Petersburg weather spring day. This baby was instantly loved by everyone in the family, so much that each one wanted to give her a name. Three months after she was born, in order to decide what name to give her, the members of the fami...
[Elina Gerodes] - [Estonia-Artists] - [Wednesday 12th, November 2014]

János Hüse Artist Painter Hungary
"Gyerekkorom óta érdekel a képzőművészet azon belül a festészet. Nagy hatással volt és van ma is rám a reneszánsz és az impresszionizmus. Nívós régi mesterek munkáit tanulmányoztam. Hetedikesen lemásoltam Leonárdótól az Utolsó vacsorát. Sokáig Munkácsy M. volt a példaképem, még ma is használom néha a természetes umbrát (barna), amit ö az óriás kedv...
[Hüse János] - [Hungary-Artists] - [Wednesday 12th, November 2014]

Miroslav Kudzia Artist Painter Slovakia
P o počiatočných váhaniach a živelnosti dospel Miroslav Kudzia k novej tvorivej vitalite. Nadobudnuté tvorivé a životné skúsenosti, hľadanie vlastného umeleckého výrazu, vybojovaný vnútorný zápas o vlastné tvorivé smerovanie, posúvajú jeho tvorbu do nových výtvarných kvalít súčasnej slovenskej moderny. Opú&scaron ťa zaužívané realistické výtvarné p...
[Miroslav Kudzia] - [Slovakia-Artists] - [Tuesday 11th, November 2014]

Irina Oleinik Artist Estonia
Приветствую Вас! Меня зовут Ирина Олейник. Я живу в Эстонии, в чудесном городе Таллинне. Очень рада, что Вы посетили мой сайт! Здесь вы можете познакомиться с моими авторскими украшениями ручной работы, сделанными в технике бисероплетения и вышивки бисером. С раннего детства я увлекалась разными видами прикладного творчества. Моя бабушка научила ме...
[Irina Oleinik] - [Estonia-Artists] - [Monday 10th, November 2014]

Gallery Painting by Natalya Zhdanova Russia
Меня зовут Наталья Жданова. Художник живописец. Член профессионального художественного фонда. Член Международного художественного фонда. Живу и работаю в г. Санкт-Петербург. В 1991 г. закончила Московский народный университет искусств при министерстве культуры РФ, факультет изобразительного искусства. Работаю в разнообразных стилях и жанрах - пейза...
[Natalya Zhdanova] - [Russia-Artists] - [Friday 24th, October 2014]

Vilmos Huber Artist Painter Hungary huber-vilmos-artist
Vilmos Huber (hubervili) painter-photographer Sopron,Hungary ..born in Hungary, 1958, schools and first job in Sopron, Hungary.from '87 lives in Vienna,Aut.,from '89 inJacksonville,Fl.,Danbury,Ct,New Fairfield,Ct, Port St.Lucie,Fl. USA.since 2005 he is back to the old country, lives for work and family.. Less There where times when I thought that p...
[Vilmos huber] - [Hungary-Artists] - [Thursday 23rd, October 2014]

Dorina Costras Artist Painter Romania
Dorina Costras Artist Painter Romania Dorina Costras , born on 01 August, Iasi, Romania Gratuated Art School 1992 Personal exhibitions 1995 Graphics,exhibition ”Metamorphosis” - Athenaeum, Bacau 1997 Painting exhibition ”Landscapes in Summer” - G.Bacovia Theatre, Bacau 2003 Decorative painting exhibition “Escape” Iulian Antonescu Museum - Bacau 200...
[Dorina Costras] - [Romania-Artists] - [Sunday 12th, October 2014]

Camelia Mitea Artist Painter Romania
CAMELIA MITEA -Nascuta la 01.02.1968 la Tulcea - Urmează Școala Populara de Arta,sectia Design( prof.Ipser Roxana) apoi sectia Pictura( prof.Papadopol V) -Facultatea de Arte-pedagogia artelor plastice,Universitatea Ovidius Constanta -Expoziții de grup:Galeriile Amfora Constanta -Expoziții personale:Hanul Cu Tei,Bucuresti -Lucrari expuse in galeriil...
[Camelia Mitea] - [Romania-Artists] - [Thursday 9th, October 2014]

GULYÁS LÁSZLÓ Artist Painter Hungary
GULYáS LáSZLó FESTŐMŰVéSZ &bdquo 1960-ban született Budapesten. A Képző-és Iparművészeti Szakközépiskolát reklámgrafika tagozaton végezte majd 1983-87-ig a Magyar Képzőművészeti Főiskola hallgatója volt. A festő édesapa útnak indító hatásán túl elsősorban Rembrandt festészetének egyetemes hatása alatt érleli ki személyes képi világát, sajátítja el ...
[GULYÁS LÁSZLÓ ] - [Hungary-Artists] - [Sunday 28th, September 2014]

Welcome 4.x 2014 for the elimination of the "Victoria 2014" Anna German A55A04/ A3.nsf/ plinks/ SR...
#MONTMARTRE #PARIS Welcome 4.x 2014 for the elimination of the "Victoria 2014" Anna German https:/ / SdeOmbJxcu https:/ / SdeOmbJxcu NxIUYSRByM - Montmartre (@ArtMontmartre) 9 juillet 2017 Welcome 4.x 2014 for the elimination of the "Victoria 2014" from 10:00 am to Club Gocław WARSAW. About 18.00 Open International Exhibition ...
[Anna German] - [Poland-Artists] - [Wednesday 24th, September 2014]

Mikhail Tikhanovskyi Artist Painter Russia
Родился в 1968 году в г. Сергиев Посад (Загорск) в семье учителей. В 1987 году закончил МХУ памяти 1905 г. Преподаватель - заслуженный художник России Воронцов Д. А. Служил в ВМФ на Дальнем Востоке. Член СХ России. Выставляюсь с Сергиево-Посадской организацией СХ России. #MONTMARTRE #PARIS Mikhail Tikhanovskyi Artist Painter Russia https:/ / QiJ...
[Mikhail Tikhanovskyi] - [Russia-Artists] - [Sunday 21st, September 2014]

Michael J Duke Freelance Photographer England
About Michael J Duke Born in Northampton and brought up in London, Michael spent many years living and working in Israel. It was during his years in Israel that Michael became a freelance photographer contributing to the Jerusalem Post, Ma’ariv, Popular Science in Israel and American Image Magazine based in Lewisville in the United States. Michael ...
[Michael J Duke] - [England-Artists] - [Sunday 21st, September 2014]

Nikolay Pavlushko Artist Painter Azerbaijan A.nsf/ P/ NikolayPavlushko
is a contemporary artist, designer. His styles range from the realistic, surrealistic, impressionistic, abstract paintings and traditional portraits in oils. As Nikolay paints abstract paintings he receives information about the subtle qualities of the subject matter he is working with, then interprets it, and simultaneously transfers it to the pap...
[Nikolay Pavlushko] - [Azerbaijan-Artists] - [Tuesday 9th, September 2014]

Izabella Pavlushko Artist Painter Azerbaijan A.nsf/ P/ IzabellaPavlushko
is an abstract artist. For over 10 years she has been working in the style of geometric abstraction and exploring the potential of geometry in art. In her work she connects geometry with spirituality and create forms that would provide the same emotional power as musical composition. Geometric abstraction is one of the very complex directions abstr...
[Izabella Pavlushko] - [Azerbaijan-Artists] - [Tuesday 9th, September 2014]

Алексей Мосман Alexei Mosman Artist Painter Russia
Alexey Mosman 42 was born April 27, 1972 died September 3, 2014 , Chulman (Negyungri), Russia. The unique artist from South Yakutia Alexey Mosman creates original pictures from semi-precious stones. Уникальный художник из Южной Якутии Алексей Мосман создавал оригинальные картины из самоцветов. Великолепные и чарующие пейзажи, выкладываются из разно...
[Алексей Мосман ] - [Russia-Artists] - [Wednesday 3rd, September 2014]

Máté Sándor Artist Painter Hungary
Máté Sándor vagyok.1954-ben születtem Budapesten. Már kis gyermek koromban is, emlékeim szerint, nagyon vonzódtam a művészetekhez, ezen belül, elsősorban a festészethez. A sors fintora, hogy életem túlnyomó részében, sajnos egészen más tevékenységet voltam kénytelen folytatni, de a művészet iránti rajongásom mindvégig megmaradt. Jóval túl az ötvene...
[Máté Sándor ] - [Hungary-Artists] - [Sunday 31st, August 2014]

Béla Tarcsay Artist Painter Hungary artists-page-2/ tarcsay-b...
TARCSAY BéLA önéletrajz 1952-ben születtem Nagykanizsán. 2000-től Szegeden élek. 1994-től foglalkozom a képzőművészettel . Képeimen a természet szeretetét szándékozom megjeleníteni. Képzőművészeti tudásomat autodidakta módon szereztem. Az olajfestés mellett grafikával és pasztell technikával próbálkozom. Szegeden még jobban kinyílt előttem a világ....
[Béla Tarcsay ] - [Hungary-Artists] - [Tuesday 26th, August 2014]

Anna German (1936 - 1982) Webmaster Lidia Koifman josegalvan#!/ c1kho
BLESSED MEMORY OF THE GREAT Anna German. Let rest in peace, and the sky is a mirror - that reflects the soul of ANNA! SHE WAS AND REFLECTION OF GOOD AND WILL ALWAYS BEEN AND WILL . . AMEN AND AMEN! Anna German (1936 - 1982) Webmaster Lidia Koifman Anna German - Prawdziwa historia - film biograficzny - cały film dokumentalny Video Lidia Koifman Anna...
[Webiste Lidia Koifman] - [Poland-Artists] - [Saturday 23rd, August 2014]

Makray János Artist Painter Hungary
János Makray was born in Budapest in 1955. After completing his studies, he has introduced himself by participating on several common and individual exposition in Hungary and also In abroad. He has been living in the affinity of the Lake Balaton since 1987, he has lived in Csopak to 1995 and he is living in Totvázsony since 2000. His paintings are ...
[Makray János ] - [Hungary-Artists] - [Friday 22nd, August 2014]

Ahzrin Bacalla Artist Painter Philippines
i'm Lord Ahzrin Bacalla 13 years old, a young painter from the Phillipines. i love to join in different drawing competitions local and international. i won in different drawing competitions and one of my greatest achievement i believe was when i won in International competiton, UNGEI 1st place in the Philippines (United Nation Girls Education Initi...
[Ahzrin Bacalla] - [Philippines-Artists] - [Saturday 9th, August 2014]

Robert Hajtman Artist Painter Slovakia
Robert Hajtman Artist Painter Slovakia #ARTS #MONTMARTRE #PARIS #FRENCH Robert Hajtman Artist Painter Slovakia https:/ / MhU3gX2AP0 https:/ / MhU3gX2AP0 rP6WPkX3GT - Montmartre (@ArtMontmartre) 27 juin 2017 WELCOME Exchange Link Free-Gratuit 7PDPEosmhs International rq2QPvzavC France QIV...
[Robert Hajtman] - [Slovakia-Artists] - [Thursday 7th, August 2014]

Emanuele Rubini Self-taught sculptor Italia
Emanuele Rubini Self-taught sculptor, he works with the marble since 1997. He participate at Italian and International Simposia and important solo and group exhibitions inItaly. His monumental works are in public and private collections inItaly. The artworks of small and medium size are in private collections inItaly,Spain,Germany,Lichtenstein,Engl...
[Emanuele Rubini ] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Sunday 3rd, August 2014]

Artists Worldwide Love and Peace to all People
https:/ / Arts.Directory.Montmar...
PEACE ON EARTH ARTISTS WORLDWIDE Love and peace to all people! WELCOME Exchange Link Free-Gratuit 7PDPEosmhs International rq2QPvzavC France QIVrHQWp4l - Montmartre (@ArtMontmartre) 28 Septembre 2014 World Map
[Arts.Directory.Montmartre.Paris.French] - [French-Montmartre-Paris] - [Sunday 27th, July 2014]

Olga Almazova Artist Russia
ОЛЬГА АЛМАЗОВА - российская певица, автор более 300 песен. Журналист, главный редактор радио "Голоса Планеты", ведущая программ. Член Союза работников культуры России, Председатель забайкальского отделения Гильдии межэтнической журналитики России, композитор, победитель многих Всероссийских журналистских и музыкальных конкурсов. Имеет три поэтическ...
[Olga Almazova] - [Russia-Artists] - [Thursday 10th, July 2014]

Lidia Koifman Israel Directory International Arts Montmartre Paris French Koifman/ fz1p2ncc
Banners of our friends books Lidia Kofman Israel JOSE GALVAN MONTMARTRE (1910-2001) La Bohème - Charles Aznavour Video Lidia Koifman WELCOME Exchange Link Free-Gratuit 7PDPEosmhs International rq2QPvzavC France QIVrHQWp4l - Montmartre (@ArtMontmartre) 28 Septembre 2014 World Map
[Lidia Koifman] - [Israel-Artists] - [Friday 27th, June 2014]

Andreea Gheorghiu Artist Painter Romania
Andreea Gheorghiu Artist Painter Romania Studied Painting at National University of Arts - UNArte Bucharest ART CRITICS Andreea Gheorghiu, "un om frumos care se indeletniceste cu frumosul" Din data: 19 Octombrie 2012 ora : 14:00:20 &hellip asa a recomandat-o actorul si omul de exceptie Mircea Albulescu pe Andreea Gheorghiu la vernisajul expozitiei ...
[Andreea Gheorghiu] - [Romania-Artists] - [Tuesday 3rd, June 2014]

Jorge Vulcano Artista Pintor Argentina
Jorge Vulcano, nació en Buenos Aires y cursó estudios de Dibujo Publicitario y es egresado de Bellas Artes. Lleva realizadas más de un centenar de exposiciones nacionales e internacionales. Su obra de matices exquisitos y climas únicos, pertenence ya al mundo entero. Exposiciones y coleccionistas de lugares tan disímiles como Japón, Dinamarca, Bras...
[Jorge Vulcano] - [Argentina-Artistas] - [Sunday 25th, May 2014]

Alex Nasekin Artist Painter Russian
Alex Nasekin Золотая медаль международного фонда-музея "Миротворец" Москва ЦДХ март 2014 In 1988 he made his appearance unexpected and bright. Alex Nasekin started his exhibition activity with his personal exhibition in Chuvash State art museum. Immediately afterwards a number of personal exhibitions were put on in Moscow, Weimar (Germany) and othe...
[Alex Nasekin] - [Russia-Artists] - [Tuesday 20th, May 2014]

Bartolomé González Bleda (1949-1995) España bartologonzalezbleda
Bartolo nació en Hellín (Albacete) el 28 de noviembre de 1949, residiendo en Barcelona desde 1959. A la edad de 18 años, con más de 200 premios en su haber entra en la Escuela Massana de Bellas Artes , donde a su vez es escogido miembro del jurado de concursos de Pintura donde se presentaban algunos de sus profesores de la escuela Massana. En 1971 ...
[Bartolomé González Bleda ] - [España-Artistas] - [Monday 19th, May 2014]

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