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Peter Bui Artist Painter United States
Thien Bui This is a page of Thien Bui, a nornal boy. He was born in 1998 in Vietnam. He moved from Vietnam to US when his family got transfered out in 2012. Thien is studying at Greenway High School as a freshman in Arizona now. This website includes some typical artwork of him with the help of his friends. Drawing on my style World Map
[Peter Bui ] - [United States-Artists] - [Monday 8th, July 2013]

Marek Heberlej Artist Painter Poland of Portraits Anna German artgallery#!-marek-heberlej-ar...
Marek Heberlej Artist Painter Poland of Portraits Anna German Urodziłem się 29grudnia 1963 roku w Kowalewie Pomorskim dzieciństwo wraz z rodziną spędziłem w Wielkiej Łące .W 1978 roku skończyłem podstawówkę ,rozpoczełem naukęw szkole zawodowej którą ukończyłem w 1982 roku.To tyle zmoje edukacji. Zawsze chętnie rysowałem lub malowałem obrazy olejne ...
[Marek Heberlej] - [Poland-Artists] - [Friday 5th, July 2013]

D.E.V.E. Gallery – Москва
[D.E.V.E. Gallery ] - [Russia-Artists] - [Wednesday 3rd, July 2013]

Joel Colo Artist Painter Philippines
Joel Colo JOEL COLO a natural Ability & strong desire to Drawing specialy has CHARCOAL PAINTING'SI Started to Draw a Charcoal Painting sins year 2000 I Develop my own techniques of CHARCOAL PAINTING 's To Give a Photo Realistic Look to my Drawing I Focus to the Viewer's Attention to the DRAMA of ......... LIGHT & SHADOW .... I Want to Share my ART ...
[Joel Colo ] - [Philippines-Artists] - [Sunday 30th, June 2013]

Lidia Koifman of Anna German artgallery
COLLECT MILLIONS UNDER THE BANNER OF BEAUTY, LOVE, FRIENDSHIP AND PEACE of the WORLD. BEAUTY WILL save the WORLD We were approached by Lidia Koifman with a request to assist it in disseminating information about its collection of paintings depicting the Anna German, for its website. And that's our answer. Dear Lidia Koifman! If you can create an in...
[Lidia Koifman] - [Israel-Artists] - [Wednesday 12th, June 2013]

Daisy Wöhrle Artist Painter Germany
Daisy Wöhrle Geb. in Kärnten, österreich Seit 1983im schönen Hegau, Singen Hohentwiel, Deutschland 1979 Studium Kunstakademie in Wien/ Bildenden Künste.Schülerin bei Professor Ernst Fuch, österreichischer Maler und Graphiker. Begründer des phantastischen Realismus der Wiener Schule. Weiterentwicklung der abtrakten und expressionistischen Kunst in Ac...
[Daisy Wöhrle] - [Germany-Künstler] - [Tuesday 11th, June 2013]

Maria Fedorova Honored Artist of Russia macrame/ Maria_Fedorova.htm
Мария Федорова заслуженный художник России Maria Fedorova Мария Федорова известна как автор серий живописных и графических работ и концептуального сценического костюма. Ее индивидуальность сформировали живопись, костюм и сцена. Мария Федорова родилась, живет и работает в Москве. Принадлежит к династии известных художников Осиповых - Федоровых. Дед ...
[Maria Fedorova] - [Russia-Artists] - [Sunday 9th, June 2013]

Linda Riseley Photography and Digital Art
https:/ /
Linda Riseley uses Photography and Digital Art to express the wordless but loud voice of the heart and the truth that lies within. These artworks are inspired by Linda’s personal understanding of the world she inhabits and her own spiritual journey. These poetic visualisations portray the essence of her experiences and are translated into a moving ...
[Linda Riseley] - [Australia-Artists] - [Thursday 6th, June 2013]

Octavian Florescu Artist Painter-Sculptor Canada-Romania OctavianFlorescu.html
Octavian Florescu Artist Painter-Sculptor I was born in 1957 in the Southern Romanian town of Craiova. In 1978 I interrupted my university studies in engineering to become a full-time artist painter. For five years I studied church painting and restoration which gave me the opportunity to learn and master all painting techniques from the ancient fr...
[Octavian Florescu ] - [Canada-Artists] - [Sunday 2nd, June 2013]

Ivan Shikerov (1928 - 1999) Artist Painter Bulgaria
The aim of this site is to make the world familiar with the art of Ivan Shikerov. Art, which was created with tremendous vision, positive energy and colour taste. Ivan Shikerov (1928 - 1999) was a modern Bulgarian artist. He made his oil paintings in the second half of 20-th Century. He was a remarkable person and had a very interesting life. The m...
[Ivan Shikerov ] - [England-Artists] - [Monday 13th, May 2013]

Antti Hellsten Artist Painter Finland
Self-taught painter from Finland. I started oil painting in August 2010. A year ago, I started to paint with a palette knife. I feel it as my own. Also, translucent technique is close to my heart. Now creating by my own techinque mostly. World Map
[Antti Hellsten ] - [Finland-Artists] - [Thursday 9th, May 2013]

Pierre Putica Artist Painter Austria
Pierre Putica was born 11/ 22/ 1961 in the most romantic city - Paris, but he spent his childhood in Belgrade until 1983. At the time he moved in Sombor, where he married and lived with his family. The outbreak of war forced him to leave Yugoslavia in Ma y 1992 and moved to Vienna. In 2005 he began to paint intensively in Zurich. Since then, in fact,...
[Pierre Putica] - [Austria-Artists] - [Tuesday 7th, May 2013]

Khatuna Roinishvili Artist Cloisonne Enamels Georgia
Я художник. Всегда, как только у меня появлялось немного свободного времени, я заполняла его рисованием. Но сейчас, все мое творчество обращено к этому очень древнему искусству, древнему грузинскому искусству перегородчатых эмалей. У этой техники очень древние корни, начинающие расти еще с начала 6-7 века. "Перегородочная эмаль" хорошо развивалась ...
[Khatuna Roinishvili] - [Georgia-Artists] - [Monday 6th, May 2013]

Carlos Alberto Aroni Macrame Colombia
Desde tiempos inmemoriales el ser humano ha sabido utilizar el arte del tejido, que además de cumplir fines utilitarios, servía también como forma de expresión artística, en la cual se plasmaba la cosmovisión de los pueblos.La palabra Macramées de origen francés y significa “nudo” deriva del turco Makrama. Macramé es el arte de trenzar y anudar e...
[Carlos Alberto Aroni] - [Colombia-Artistas] - [Wednesday 1st, May 2013]

Viktor Malykh Artist Painter Russia A.nsf/ P/ ViktorMalykh
Viktor Malykh Виктор малых Виктор Малых родился 17 апреля 1967 года в городе Инта (Республика Коми) Россия. Высшее образование получил в Архангельском медицинском институте. Анестезиолог-реаниматолог по специальности и художник в душе, в начале 1990-х годов Виктор полностью посвятил себя искусству. За 20 лет творческой деятельности Виктору удалось ...
[Viktor Malykh] - [Russia-Artists] - [Tuesday 23rd, April 2013]

Hello dear friends! !!! International Directory of Arts website "Jose Galvan" 10 years!!!!!!! Jose-Galvan10.html
JOSE GALVAN MONTMARTRE (1910-2001) La Bohème - Charles Aznavour Video Lidia Koifman Hello friends! !!! International Directory of Arts website "Jose Galvan" 10 years!!!!!!! We are pleased to inform that the International Directory of Arts website "Jose Galvan" take part 110 countries. This is a grand a chance for beginners and talented artists to s...
[Lidia-José] - [French-Montmartre-Paris] - [Thursday 28th, March 2013]

Gonzalo Balseca Artista Pintor Ecuador
Painted since childhood, always concerned about the alien and pain worked from a young age with people with various problems, diseases syndromes etc with elderly cancer patients. If I don't finish, always and believed that I am to help with my colors, my strokes with my vision pictorial with what I discovered in all these years of life...I am origi...
[Gonzalo Balseca] - [Ecuador-Artistas] - [Friday 15th, March 2013]

Art by Dutulescu Artist Painter Romania
M-am nascut in anul 1969 in Bucuresti. Am absolvit cursurile Scolii Populare de Arta,sectia pictura,clasa profesor Titus Dragutescu. Am participat la expozitii nationale si internationale,in prezent fiind membru al Asociatiei Artistilor Plastici din Romania. Interests arte plastice, muzica, sport. World Map
[Cristian Dutulescu] - [Romania-Artists] - [Monday 4th, March 2013]

Chalermsak Chunrin Artist Sculptor Thailand @/ ChalermsakChunrin
Hi, I Chalermsak . Narin my name. I was born on December 11, 1955 ( 2498) Amphoe Muang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai , Thailand. I woodcarver . I learned woodcarving When I was 14 years old. I am pleased with the work. I love art . The world of art is infinite . . My heritage , Which Costs a fortune. I will explore the legend and create a work based on th...
[Chalermsak Chunrin ] - [Thailand-Artists] - [Friday 1st, March 2013]

Jean Hildebrant Fine Art United States
Jean Hildebrant Born and raised in a small town inOregon, Jean Hildebrant found herself drawn to the beauty of art at the exceptionally early age of three. With a love for art growing within, Jean spent most of her free-time drawing to develop her gift. As her personal style began to develop, she discovered that she especially enjoyed working in oi...
[Jean Jean Hildebrant Fine Art] - [United States-Artists] - [Monday 18th, February 2013]

Ahmet Ugur Artist Sculptor Turkey
Wood Carving ...Wooden Carved Art. ..Ahmet Ugur Bostancı./ gepetto master) ...Edremit in Balıkesir,Turkey. liaison and information .+90..05435397790. .. WELCOME Exchange Link Free-Gratuit 7PDPEosmhs International rq2QPvzavC France QIVrHQWp4l - Montmartre (@ArtMontmartre) 28 Septembre 2014 World Map
[Ahmet Ugur] - [Turkey-Artists] - [Sunday 10th, February 2013]

Mary TU Macrame (香香) Taiwan
學習結藝能怡情、益智、美化生活及推展手藝風氣。 一條長長的絲線可以任意編結,這樣隨心所欲的編結方式, 不僅是絕佳的民間藝術,更是一個可以讓編結者任意馳聘心靈的廣闊天地! 衷心盼望編結技藝能廣泛散播,換起更多有心人士的參與,促進結藝的蓬勃發展。 Learning knot art the cheer puzzle, to beautify living and Promotion craft ethos. A long silk thread can be arbitrary plaiting so arbitrary plaiting Not only is a great folk art, but also one can let plaiting any Chipin to the v...
[Mary TU ] - [Taiwan-Artists] - [Friday 8th, February 2013]

Ryoko Minami's Art Works Japan ~cyu-gokumusubi/ index.html
中華工芸する漫画家です。漫画・中国結・剪紙・刺繍・・・日々制作している作品をご紹介しています。ツイッターは月刊少年マガジン読者ページのマスコットキャラ「あちょみん」がつぶやいております。 Hi! I am Japanese cartoonist.I introduce my cartoon and Chinese craft"Chinese Knotting,Embroidery and Paper Cutting:) 講談社の月刊少年マガジンで漫画家をしています。台湾好きがきっかけで出会った中華工芸「中国結」にはまって1999年から漫画の仕事の合間に台湾と日本を行ったり来たりで技術を身につけました。中華伝統工芸の根っこを知りたくて剪紙と刺繍もやっております。そんなこんなで12年、いつのまに...
[Ryoko Minami's] - [Japan-Artists] - [Tuesday 5th, February 2013]

Silvio Zatti Artista Plástica Brazil A.nsf/ P/ SilvioZatti
Meu nome é Silvio Zatti.....nascido em São Paulo SP Brazil Artista Pastico auto-didata meus primeiros trabalhos foram em 1999..... pinto, quase tudo....minha paixão é figura humana acadêmica.. ACEITO ENCOMENDAS..... TELEFONE.....(11) 97055-5707 #ARTS #MONTMARTRE #PARIS #FRENCH Silvio Zatti Artista Plástica Brazil ax3DqOUjXP ...
[Silvio Zatti ] - [Brazil-Artistas] - [Friday 1st, February 2013]

Soledad Aza Artista Pintor España
Soledad Aza Contrera. Nacida en Mérida (Badajoz) el 29 de Mayo de 1974. Licenciada en Bellas Artes por la Universidad de Sevilla en la especialidad de Pintura, 1999. Cursa Tercer Ciclo de doctorado en la Universidad de Sevilla 1999-2002. Realiza el C.A.P. (Curso de Adaptación Pedagógica) Sevilla 1999-2000. Pertenece al Grupo de Investigación “Mater...
[Soledad Aza] - [España-Artistas] - [Friday 1st, February 2013]

Colin Pringle Artist Painter United States
Born in Port Huron, Michigan, HAA member and artist Colin Pringle creates images that speak easily for themselves. But the man himself has a few things to say about his work. "Art is the sum total of accumulated knowledge of man as expressed in any audio, visual, or physical form. I have devoted a lifetime to the pursuit of beauty-not just natural ...
[Colin Pringle] - [United States-Artists] - [Sunday 27th, January 2013]

Valter Boj Artista Italy
https:/ / vbojsvoltaceleste
VALTER BOJ Valter Boj nasce in Sardegna. Sin da bambino mostra i sintomi della "malattia del disegno e della pittura". Albissola, città della ceramica d'arte con una grandissima storia legata ad artisti del calibro di Fontana, Jorn, Lam, Fabbri,Elde, Sebastian Matta, Capogrossi ecc, ha rappresentato per Boj l'opportunità dell'inserimento fin da gio...
[Valter Boj ] - [Italia-Artisti] - [Sunday 27th, January 2013]

Tomislav Borg Dobrijevic Artist Painter Croatia
Tomislav Borg Dobrijevic posao: izrada digitalnih slika po narudžbi (vasu priću pretvaram u sliku) tradicionalno slikarstvo u kredi, izrada kamenjara, biotopa,jezera aktivnosti: organiziranje dječijih likovnih radionica , kreativni rad sa ljudima s posebnim potrebama u suradnji s inkluzijom kreativni rad sa starijim i nemoćnim osobama #ARTS #MONTMA...
[Dobrijevic Tomislav (dobrijevic borg)] - [Croatia-Artists] - [Friday 25th, January 2013]

Musa Celik Artist Painter Turkey
1970 Alanyada doğdum, ilk öğrenimini gazipaşada.orta öğrenimimi ısparta'da yaptım.yüksek öğrenimimi Uludağ üniversitesi Güzel sanatlar fakültesinde tamamladım..bir çok ilde resim öğretmeni olarak görev yaptım halen serim ögretmeni olarak çalışıyorum.. yağlı boya,pastel. ve karakalem tekniklerini severek çalışıyorum.. yaglı boya ve grafik tasarım da...
[Musa Celik ] - [Turkey-Artists] - [Friday 25th, January 2013]

Carolina Serpa Marques Artista Pintor Portugal
Carolina Serpa Marques was born in Porto in 1966. In 1989 ended Degree in Law at the Catholic University of Porto since 1991 and teaches at the University of Porto. She is dedicated to painting as an autodidact. S entence "Since 2009, held several solo and group exhibitions" Carolina Serpa Marques nasceu no Porto em 1966. Em 1989 terminou a Licenci...
[Carolina Serpa Marques] - [Portugal-Artistas] - [Tuesday 22nd, January 2013]

Ramont Patrick Artist Painter Belgium
° 1960 - Ghent Selfmade painter A look into the artist’s soul Ramont was three years old when his parents moved to Ostend. This proximity of the sea would become vital for his life and of central importance in his work. The sea, the piers, the beach and the dunes became his playground. Romping on the beach, swimming recklessly between East and W...
[Ramont Patrick ] - [Belgium-Artists] - [Sunday 20th, January 2013]

Nikolaj Arndt - Art Germany 7PDPEosmhs
Великий восторг вызывают уличные художники, которые специализируются на 3D-живописи. Хочу показать поразившие меня своей реальностью рисунки на асфальте от художника Николая Арндта, (Nikolaj Arndt). До недавнего он времени жил и работал в России, в городе Иваново, а сейчас переехал в Германию, где уличное искусство более популярно. Николай Арндт ро...
[Nikolaj Arndt] - [Germany-Künstler] - [Thursday 17th, January 2013]

Fine Art conservator/restorer and Traditional Artist
Postgraduate in sculpture Conservation and Restoration ESBA Geneva , Switzerland Specialisation in polychrome sculpture Conservation and Restoration City guild school, London, UK Specialisation in 16th century Dutch painting technique Maastricht ,Holland MA in Art Conservation and Restoration Academy of fine art Sofia, Bulgaria World Map
[Neli Yoncheva] - [Germany-Künstler] - [Wednesday 16th, January 2013]

Kerekes Rares Artist Painter Romania
First Name, Last Name: RAREŞ KEREKES Country and place of birth: România, Sighişoara , jud. Mureş. Birthday: 26.07.1982 Home adress: Sighişoara, Tâmplarilor street no. 5, Mureş Contact: Telefon: 0040740.025.299 Email: Web: Marital status: Single Profession: &bull Artists - pai...
[Kerekes Rares] - [Romania-Artists] - [Sunday 13th, January 2013]

Sergei Uschenko Artist Painter Russia
Сергей УЩЕНКО Родился в 1952 г. С 1982 г. - член Союза Художников. С 1977 по 1982 гг. учился в ЛВХПУ им. В. И. Мухиной на кафедре графического дизайна. С 1982 по 1985 гг. преподавал живопись, рисунок, композицию и плакат в ЛВЦ в Павловске. Работал главным художником в Мраморном дворце, дизайнером компании «АКРА» - подрядчиком Роскосмоса. С 1993 по ...
[Sergei Uschenko] - [Russia-Artists] - [Thursday 10th, January 2013]

Oksana Todorova ArtStudio Ukraine
Оксана Тодорова - родилась в Одессе, стиль и объекты картин художницы - эмоциональная живопись сказочных персонажей. Сила творчества - в создании добрых и позитивных героев, атмосферности, наивности и чистоты. Художник создает собственную вселенную, маленький сказочный народ, чья жизнь созвучна детским ощущениям и переживаниям. Образы ее картин пер...
[Oksana Todorova] - [Ukraine-Artists] - [Thursday 10th, January 2013]

Oksana Kravchenko Artist Painter Ukraine
Оксана Кравченко1972 года рождения. Оксана окончила Вижницкий колледж прикладного искусства.Её работы в основном за рубежом в частных коллекциях,Австрия,Англия,Германия,США,Израиль. Оксана пишет акварелью и маслом в основном. Любит необычные лица, красивые. Любит глаза как глубину души. #ARTS #MONTMARTRE #PARIS #FRENCH Оксана Кравченко Artist Paint...
[Oksana Kravchenko ] - [Ukraine-Artists] - [Monday 7th, January 2013]

Peter Annenkov Artist Painter Uzbekistan
https:/ / annenkovpetr
Рассказ о творчестве Петра Анненкова должен, по меньшей мере уместить в себе рассказ о трёх основных направлениях в его работе: художник книги, художник-станковист и художник мультипликатор. Какими бы не казались различными все эти направления они тесно переплелись и как бы вытекают одно из другого. И всё же начинать нужно с книги. В своих иллюстра...
[Annenkov Peter] - [Uzbekistan-Artists] - [Sunday 6th, January 2013]

Denis Macievsky Artist Painter Russia
https:/ / denis.macievsky
Денис Евгеньевич Мациевский родился в Москве в 1977 году. Закончил Государственный Художественно- промышленный Университет им. С. Г. Строганова в 2000 г. Диплом отлично с похвалой. Член Московского Союза Художников (с 2000 г.) Член Союза дизайнеров Москвы (с 2000 г.) Участник коллективных выставок в Москве, С.-Петербурге, Харькове, Лондоне, Берлине...
[Denis Macievsky] - [Russia-Artists] - [Thursday 3rd, January 2013]

Mehriban Efendi Artist Painter Azerbaijan mery/
I was born in Baku, Azebaijan Republic. I attended Baku State Art School named A. Azimzadeh, and Moscow Animated cartoon school of Soyuz Multfilm. I have worked on many Azerbaijan animated cartoons as a graphic animator. Since 1991, I have worked at the Movies Center of Azerbaijan as a costume designer.Paricipating in many creative fields, I have e...
[Mehriban Efendi] - [Azerbaijan-Artists] - [Wednesday 2nd, January 2013]

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